Friday, October 14, 2016

Heard in an Unnamed, Predominantly Non-White, New York City High School

By Nicholas Stix

Last spring, a white student walked the halls with his non-white friends, shouting: “Build the wall! Make America great again!”

(Only the white student did the shouting.)

This fall, at a meeting of the school paper (non-white student): “We’re going to make the school paper great again! The newspaper is going to be ten pages longer!”


Anonymous said...

Predominantly! Liberal and progressives like to use that word to describe the school that is nearly 100 % minority or maybe is 100 % minority. Also a school where a whitey student attending would be placing their life in great danger. Predominantly a vague word not doing justice to the true statistics.

Anonymous said...

I was going to post that also."Wet works"...learn a new one everyday.But it's all meaningless without an FBI that is in favor of solving crimes.Wouldn't it be horrendous to find out Scalia was poisoned by the Clinton operatives?Jeezus...why even use those words before Scalia's death?It's getting to be very numbing to keep up with all of this,but more hacked e-mails PLEASE.