Wednesday, October 12, 2016

CROSBY, Texas - A Facebook Post Recounting a Law Enforcement Officer's Experience at a Crosby-Area Barbecue Restaurant Rrompted the Firing of Two Employees and a Wealth of Outrage; the Post Said a Derogatory Rap Song was Played by Employees in the Kitchen...

By A Texas Reader

2 Restaurant Employees Fired After Mocking Police with Offensive Rap Song

"A Facebook post recounting a law enforcement officer's experience at a Crosby-area BBQ restaurant prompted the firing of two employees and a wealth of outrage."

Now which race of folks works in restaurant kitchens nowadays?


Anonymous said...

Minor comments compared to the lyrics of some rap "songs". And those lyrics are the true sentiments and feelings not even disguised.

Anonymous said...

Almost all rap is hate filled and meant to be "provocative". Low-life disgusting gutter culture expressing itself. OH, freedom of expression.