Monday, March 24, 2014

Black Supremacist Actor and Cop-Batterer Jamie Foxx Commemorates Death of Aspiring Murderer Trayvon Martin, by Calling on Blacks to Only Harm Non-Blacks, the Way Martin Did to George Zimmerman (Video)


Black supremacist actor and batterer of white policemen, Jamie Foxx

Trayvon Martin's cellphone photos of a gun he coveted, and of Martin smoking marijuana

George Zimmerman, the sort of white or "white-enough" person that Jamie Foxx thinks blacks ought to concentrate on harming

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[I had to get rid of the video, because it was automatically playing, including a gross anti-smoking advertisement (amputation lady).]

February 15, 2014, 4:56 P.M.
New York Daily News


Anonymous said...

Blacks will not mess with the Mexicans. Blacks know better than attack Hispanics, and blacks need no encouragement to attack Whites. Blacks do attack Whites and in spades, and blacks know that Whites won't respond in kind.
Forget the courts. George Zimmerman a former liberal and supporter of Barry Soetero is a good example of what the courts will do for you. Something else needs to be done with the ever threat of being attacked by blacks. The "law" won't help you.

trayvon's mammy said...

I just squeezed out a jumbo jamie. It was loaded with corn 'n peanuts. It stank like trayvon, so I wiped my obongo and flushed. Word

Anonymous said...

Jamie Fox if he was White would be arrest for inciting to riot, to murder, to social disorder, and that's just some of what he would be subject to if he wasn't of the pet race. He should be sued at the least for his incitement.