Monday, February 17, 2014

Nicholas Stix’ Exclusive Interview with Legendary New York Daily News Reporter and Re-Write Man, Corky Siemaszko, Regarding Frank Bella (the Former Frank Borzellieri)

By Nicholas Stix

[This interview is a corollary to my VDARE report due to be published any moment now.]

NS: I’m intrigued as to how you were able to determine that Borzellieri and Bella were the same person.

CS: There’s a long paper trial, and you can also basically show pictures to people and say, ‘Is that the same guy?’ They confirm.

NS: You actually went to people and showed them pictures?

CS: Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

[N.S.: This is the sort of investigation more typical of an FBI hunt after a serial killer, than for a devout Catholic educator who had never so much as been accused of committing a misdemeanor.]

NS: How did you get pictures of [Frank] Bella, in the first place?

CS: Well, the school has ID cards, and stuff like that, too.

[N.S.: But how could a reporter get access to the employee ID cards of an obscure Catholic school, in the sticks, across two state lines, at a moment’s notice? Not only would it be impossible, outside of Hollywood, but it would be illegal, as well.]

NS: But the paper trail, wouldn’t that be something like the IRS?

CS: Nah, nah, there’s something called Accurint.

NS: Accurint?

CS: Accurint. A-c-c-u-r-i-n-t. You can subscribe to that.

NS: Oh, and this is private, I take it.

CS: No, it’s a subscription, it’s a company, if you’re in the media a lot of the media companies subscribe to it.

NS: So, in other words, you wouldn’t have to go through any federal agencies? [Or any employee ID card catalogues. On review, it sounds like Siemaszko was ad-libbing, and grasping at straws.] Cross-talk.

CS: Nah, we don’t do it, we don’t do it. We cover them, we don’t colloborate with them. [It sounded like a conflation of “collaborate” and “cooperate.”]

By the way, why does the News always refer to Borzellieri as a “white supremacist”?

Well, it’s because he did make racist statements. He wrote a book along those lines, as well, I think.

NS: I’m not aware of him making white supremacist statements. He criticized diversity, and he’s criticized Martin Luther King Jr.

CS: Come to think of it, I’m not quite sure we even used the term “white supremacist.”

NS: Yeah, in 2011 you did.

NS: You referred to him as a “white supremacist principal.”

CS: Who wrote that story?

NS: One of them was by Corinne Lestch. And another one … you were listed as co-author of one of them in 2011.

[N.S.: Oops! That was Larry McShane in 2011. The article Siemaszko co-wrote was in 2014.]

CS: I referred to him as a “white supremacist”?

CS: [Sighs] Yeah. So, you’re the guy who writes a lot about black-on-white violence, right?

NS: Yeah! That’s me!

CS: I remember you.

NS: [Laughs.] You read some of my stuff, huh?

CS: No, I think we spoke a couple of years ago, didn’t we?

[It sounds more like Siemaszko had read the descriptions of me written by my good friend and publicist, Mark Potok of the SPLC ($PLC, at VDARE)].

NS: Did we?

CS: I’m pretty sure we did.

NS: I don’t recall, but your memory may be better than mine.

NS: I just don’t understand why the News is so obsessed with keeping this guy from ever working. It seems that his students thought he was a great teacher, and their parents.

CS: Ah, they didn’t think he was such a great teacher.

NS: A lot of them wrote statements saying that.

CS: Ah, there’s a bigger file there.

NS: There’s a bigger file there?

NS: Also, he complained there were statements from people supporting him that weren’t mentioned in the

Corrine Lestch story three years ago.

CS: Maybe. I don’t know. I’m not Corrine Lestch.

NS: True, true, true. I’ll speak to her, too. [Lestch was in Israel for a birth rite ceremony, and thus unavailable.]

NS: Well, thanks very much for your time.

Siemaszko also graciously responded to two follow-up questions I fired out to him while we was on deadline late that afternoon:

NS: Why were you still pursuing Borzellieri in 2014, after having already gotten him fired in 2011?

NS: And since you were still pursuing him, why did you suspect that he’d changed his name?

CS: We weren’t pursuing him at all. Some other news outlet broke the story that he’d been fired from his job in Pennsylvania. We basically confirmed that story and did our own version. That’s it.


Anonymous said...

Concio"So you're the guy who writes a lot about black-on-white violence, right?"

It appears MSM reporters are aware of your site. I'll bet our friend Jamie Satterfield looked you up on the internet years ago.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

Terrific work Nicholas. Very impressed.
Barry in London