Friday, September 20, 2013

The Trayvon Martin Story Sweeps Oscars

By bigone4u
September 19, 2013
American Renaissance

[From an Amren excerpt of a rant by black supremacist, affirmative action director John Singleton.]

I wrote this comment for Derbyshire at Taki magazine last week, where it got moderated and few saw it. It mocks the shallow, phony Hollywood I despise. My best comment ever, IMO.

From The New York Times, March 2014:

The Trayvon Martin Story Sweeps Oscars

Director Michael Moore added another bronze statue to his collection of Oscars, while The Trayvon Martin Story became the most honored film in Hollywood history last night.

Moore, looking even more rotund than usual, thanked controversial writer John Derbyshire for his pivotal role in getting the film made: "I wish I could claim that the idea for the film was mine, but a racist named John Derbyshire gave me the idea. Although I normally refuse to work with racists, the Derb's screenplay was brilliant and his Oscar is well deserved." As a beaming Derbyshire was embraced by Moore, he returned the compliment, "Although I usually don't work with hypocrites, Mr. Moore is certainly the fattest and worst dressed hypocrite I've ever worked with." The two, who obviously hold each other in great affection, were seen lifting a glass or two at the Academy's post-Oscar party.

Moore's widely acclaimed masterpiece also earned Oscars for Beyonce in the role of Rachel, and Mel Gibson as George Zimmerman. Gibson, clutching his Oscar, tears in his eyes, thanked Moore and his costars, before noting that, "Playing racists comes naturally to me." Beyonce collected her Best Actress Oscar, while taking home a second award for Best Song, the triple platinum "Somewhere in Heaven, there's Skittles."

Newcomer DeJuan earned his Oscar for his sensitive portrayal of the saintly Trayvon. DeJuan could not be present to receive his Oscar in person because of his incarceration for assaulting an elderly white man, but he sent his greetings to the Academy in a videotape made in the Florida prison where he is serving an eight year sentence. The venerable Barbra Streisand received his Oscar in DeJuan's absence.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, I needed that laugh.
Maybe OJ Simpson was Trayvon's role model.

Baloo said...

Cute:) I cast it slightly differently:
The Trayvon Movie