Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spam/Scam/Malware Alert: “The Internet Movie Database”

By Nicholas Stix

If you get an email with “The Internet Movie Database” in its subject line, do not open it. Take a look at the return eddress: “”

“” is not the URL of the Internet Movie Database, “” is. Look again: The return eddress has one “b” too many.

Googling under “imdbb” probably won’t help you anymore than it did me. Google has refined its search engine, so that it allows for slight variations in keywords. Thus, it returns all of’s hits for “”

The e-mail in question will contain nothing but an odd looking URL. Just hit the “spam” or “delete” button. I don’t know what is at the URL, and was unable to get a read on it at Google—as it only showed up 40 minutes ago, it’s probably too early for warnings to have hit the Web—but you visit it at your own risk. You’ll probably get hit with some sort of malware download.


bigtgt17 said...

I got this email a couple of minutes ago. Not sure how it is getting everyone's email address. I came so close to opening it, if nothing else for curiosity's sake.

Anonymous said...

This is filling up our corporate outbound email queue, we don't relay and have shut down the smtp services to stop from sending this out but it's probably infected some computers on our network even though sophos isn't catching anything so far. We have just recently seen another email being sent out as well, from "watchmovies " Subject: "See Online Movies for Free" Anybody else see this in their exchange queue?

NiviusVir said...

Thanks for the warning.