Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kevin MacDonald: The Jews are Our Misfortune!

By Nicholas Stix, GED

On March 18, someone named Kevin MacDonald republished his article on the Jews, under the title of “Memories Of Madison—My Life In The New Left.” MacDonald keeps republishing his article under different titles, and with slightly different openings, but it’s always the same thing: “Blah blah blah, blah blah blah…,” to fill out the requisite word count, and then, “It’s all the Jews’ fault!”

Like Leonard Jeffries, David Duke, and many other contemporary intellectual giants, MacDonald is the possessor of a Ph.D.; their followers always refer proudly to them as “Dr. So-and-So.” (This writer is guilty of no such offense, though I do have a few friends who are convicted Ph.D.s, and once stood under indictment for one.)

MacDonald identifies himself as an “evolutionary psychologist.” “Evolutionary psychology” used to be known as sociobiology, but got a bad reputation (I can’t imagine why!), and its proponents then rebranded it as “evolutionary psychology.” The project of sociobiology is to apply Darwinian evolutionary theory to the explanation of society.

While a more naturalistic approach to the social sciences sounds great in theory, I haven’t been all that impressed by sociobiologists,’ er, evolutionary psychologists’ explanations, which typically sound like just-so stories in the style of s-f-loving geeks who used to play Dungeons and Dragons. Not that there’s anything wrong with s-f-loving geeks, D & D, or just-so stories in their proper places, but the combination should not be confused with science.

Unless “survival of the fittest” is a circular notion or contains hidden moral (and thus unscientific) imperatives, Darwinism does not do well at explaining how humanity’s most sorry specimens seem to thrive in the welfare state.

Kevin MacDonald’s claim to fame is due to the campaign of my good friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center to have him fired from his position as a tenured professor at California State University–Long Beach, where he holds the Alfred Rosenberg Chair in Jewology, in which he is the world’s reigning expert. (Note that although the SPLC’s co-founder and boss of all bosses is named Morris Dees, and may be taken by some SPLC contributors to be a Jew, Dees is not Jewish. Indeed, MacDonald himself, seems at times to use “Jewish” and “liberal”--not to mention, "Jewish" and "neocon"--as synonyms, has insinuated that the SPLC is a Jewish organization. Of course, if you go back far enough, billions of people are Jews! The same statement cannot be made of “liberalism” or "neoconservatism.")

MacDonald’s science has the following components:

1. The Jews are not a religion or a people, but a race;

2. This race pursues “a group evolutionary strategy” (GES), in which it is a cancer, always seeking a non-Jewish host society, in order to destroy it from within;

3. Due to the Jews’ racial GES, they are a. ethnocentric, which explains their refusal to help anyone but themselves; b. “a people that must dwell alone,” which explains their refusal to engage in social relations with non-Jews, or live among them, let alone engage in (racial) intermarriage; and c. Must perpetuate a “culture of critique,” with which they destroy the host society, i.e., perpetrate a Holocaust; and

4. There is no possible refutation of this theory, and only a Jew would even try!

The conclusion is clear: In order to survive, a society must either refuse entry to anyone with any trace of Jewish blood, expel any citizens or residents already within its borders with any trace of Jewish blood, or kill anyone and everyone within its borders with any trace of Jewish blood. After all, how do you deal with a cancer?

MacDonald, the Dialectical Logician

In consecutive passages without a break, MacDonald says:

Several authors have pointed out that radical Jews saw themselves as participating in a universalist movement to establish a classless society for all people; and because of this universalist veneer, they thought that their Jewishness would be invisible to others, or at least irrelevant. Obviously, it wasn’t invisible, nor was it irrelevant.


The radical Jews I knew seemed to realize that non-Jews saw them as Jews....

I see that logic isn't his strong point.

Racial Purity

Incidentally, this is a very useful thing to know about Jews....

My view is that it’s the other way around: The Jewish concern with racial purity can be seen in the Old Testament and throughout Jewish history.

By George, I think he's got it! Christian societies in Europe begged the Jews, "Please come join with us in our communities," but the evil Jews responded to their humble entreaties, "No, we insist on living in ghettoes, not being permitted to own land, or to be civil servants, teachers or professors, being forced to practice hated professions like shylock, and on enjoying second-class legal status. We'll settle for nothing more!" (Never mind that racial ideas wouldn’t be formulated for thousands of years.)

From time to time, Western societies have attacked or erected defenses against Jewish elites and their non-Jewish allies. Since the 19th century, important anti-Jewish movements have been racialist (National Socialism in Germany), but this racialism was not the basis of Christian anti-Jewish movements (Christianity in the 4th and 5th centuries and during the Inquisition in Spain and Portugal). As Shahak points out (p. 64), the general pattern throughout European history was for popular uprisings against Jews as components of oppressive elites—and for the non-Jewish elements of the elites to come to the aid of Jews.

"Important anti-Jewish movements." That's priceless!

He left out the part about how Hitler was merely defending himself against the Jews, who had attacked him first.

[Mark] Rudd sees Israel for what it is: A racialist, militarist, expansionist state:

Ah, if only it were so! He must be thinking of the Jews’ 1967 plot to attack and take over Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, which was only averted by their Arab Moslem victims’ tenacious defense.

That’s why I think the real explanation of Jewish involvement in the Left includes an additional component. It’s certainly true that, as Cuddihy wrote, Jews emerged from the ghetto with hostility toward the culture around them. This fits with modern psychological data on how people with a strong ingroup identity, like Jews [and the Irish, Italians, and every other identifiable group, at some time or another; "modern psychological data" -- gimme a break], perceive outgroups. Jewish hostility toward the culture of non-Jews has been a constant throughout Jewish history.

Cart, horse?

This group of Jewish radicals became an integral part of the machinery of mass murder and oppression in the USSR. In doing so, they displaced the older non-Jewish elites of Russians and Germans.

Translation: Their machinations are inexorable; stop them, before they kill us, too!

(Why is it that so many Jews who fled the USSR in the early days, had had all of their possessions robbed, and family members variously murdered and raped by the Bolsheviks?)

How is it that almost all of the Jews this man knows are radicals, while among all of my Jewish relatives, at most only two have been radicals, and aside from them, among all of the many radicals I've personally crossed paths with in America, few were Jews?

I've got it. It's because he's an expert on the Jews, while I'm stuck in the delusional false consciousness of the Jewish oppressor!

MacDonald blames Jews—whom he also condemns, you’ll recall, for ethnocentrism—for supporting the open borders policy which is destroying America. But Third World immigration has brought in scores of millions of exuberantly anti-Semitic Hispanics and Moslems, and thus is destroying the Jews’ safety and position in America. That’s not “ethnocentrism,” it’s group suicide!

The blogger latté island (she’s one of the Tribe, so watch out!) points out that if MacDonald were consistent, he would be supportive of Israel.

Wouldn't it make more sense to support Zionism, so Jews will have a viable place to go? I mean this literally: if Israel were a viable place to live, I'd move there now. One less Jew! and I'm sure I'd have a lot of company. But, in opposing Israel, MacDonald and Co. keep Jews here. Maybe that's what they want. Jewish liberals and anti-Semites deserve each other. Too bad everyone else has to smell them.

MacDonald and his allies are obsessed with delegitimizing and demonizing Israel by any means necessary, and supporting Arab attempts to destroy it and drive out or kill all of the Jews of Israel, thus making life more dangerous and thus unattractive there. The only consistent point to MacDonald is his hatred of the Jews, and wish that they suffer anywhere they should find themselves. For MacDonald, the Jews are not “a people that shall dwell alone,” but a people that shall not dwell … anywhere.

If I weren't standing up to my armpits in the blood of lynched whites, and had all the time in the world, I might consider doing a "kehraus" (German for something like a once-and-for-all Fisking) of this "scholar." He should be a professor of dialectical ("heads we win, tails you lose") ethnic studies. And if I were to give in to hysteria, as this man has—though not quite the same brand—out of spite, I would resolve to become America's most ruthless multiculturalist and open borders propagandist. Fortunately for me, my morally and intellectually superior Jewish genes preclude my sinking to his level.


Anonymous said...

Nicholas, I greatly enjoy your blog as well as the pieces that are picked up in VDARE.

Here, however, I'm left scratching my head. Do you have a salient criticism of MacDonald other then beating on a strawman? Sentences like this are particularly cringeworthy: "The only consistent point to MacDonald is his hatred of the Jews, and wish that they suffer anywhere they should find themselves."

Howard said...

Stix, you mentioned in your blog that MacDonald blames Jews for the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. And that many of the people coming into America are anti-semitic Hispanics and Moslems. This is true to a certain extent. But, like blacks in Africa Jews hate Whites with a passion.

Blacks in Rhodesia know that when Whites were in charge they had a stable economy and food on the table, but they hate Whites more than they love their own. Just like Jews. So they killed the White farmers and are now starving.

Good luck with the "La Voz de Aztlan"(Hispanic anti-semetic website) crowd and the ever growing Muslim community in America. Another couple of generation whitey will be gone. Jewish guilt trips will not work on them like they did on White Christians.

White Cornerback said...

I find it interesting to notice just how much anti-Semites (call a spade a spade) and Semitic or pro-Semitic race realists like Lawrence Auster agree on so many things about the behavior of Jews in general. Difference is that Auster calls the behavior "suicidal", and MacDonald sees it as destructive towards gentiles.

I think MacDonald has some interesting insights. He DOES however, need to watch the whine factor. Blaming the Jews for 1965 immigration act as opposed to the clueless gentile liberals that outnumbered them 100 to 1 strikes me as...whiny.

Bigmo said...

Yeah, Jews do fear Arabs the most. While they got America in their hands, a superpower, they are not even able to control tiny Gaza. Their influence in the Arab world is nil. They rely on America to stay there in the Arab world.

However its easy dealing with Jews. Just obey the Bible and learn from it. But many Westerners don't care about the Bible, they would rather worship Jesus instead. See what Jesus said about Dennis Ross and Paul Wolfowitz. Can't say you weren't warned. You got this odd situation with the very same people who call themselves Christians supporting Israel the most.

I guess the Jew detected their hatred and rivalry of Islam.

Jesus condemned the Talmud and so did the Koran. But what you guys know? Can't say i feel sorry for you. You earned it.

Johnny said...

Your honesty and intelligence desert you when you address this topic. Either read KMac's books (at least one) or stick to reporting on black crime.

ATBOTL said...

"I think MacDonald has some interesting insights. He DOES however, need to watch the whine factor. Blaming the Jews for 1965 immigration act as opposed to the clueless gentile liberals that outnumbered them 100 to 1 strikes me as...whiny."

Read the Kevin MacDonald's books before you say stupid stuff like this. The 1965 Immigration Act was the result of a mostly Jewish lobbying effort. Gentile liberals had no particular concern about the issue at the time. Jews had been lobbying for open borders since around the turn of the century and there would not have been much an open borders lobby to speak of if not for the involvement of Jews and Jewish organizations.

Any Jew who is honestly pro-white would admit that MacDonald is right and simply say that they disagree with the majorty of the Jewish community on the issue.

It's undeniable that there has been a massive Jewish effort over the last 150 years to attack white societies intellectually. MacDonald and others document this copiously, largely by using the words of leading Jewish leftist and neoconservative activists themselves.

Pablo Schwartz said...

What Professor MacDonald fails to recognize is that science only has so much explanatory power in an irrational age (and where humans are concerned, that's pretty much every age). World War 2 was supposed to have defeated the notion of a "master race," right? Maybe not. Perhaps by some process of .. Stockholm Syndrome, the oppressed Jews were infected by their captors' dementia. Did "blood mysticism" die with the Nazis or did it reemerge as Zionism? It's hard to say: perhaps the Ashkenazim are G-d's Chosen (and maybe Moses himself enjoyed horseradish with beets).

Anonymous said...

Just a bit here or at least my interpretation. I think KM's hatred is more a manifestation of the age old hatred between the Far Right and the Far Left whose main proponents and author were in fact Jewish. Most of Stalin's Cheka and KGB bosses were Jewish and on paper at least it's easier to be a Lefty than a Righty. With all due respect Mr. Stix you are quite clever but this article is too much an oversimplification and partial agitprop piece than the subject deserves.And frankly sir I take umbrage with your crowning of KM as I am in fact the World leader on Jewology and sheenanigans! But in all truth these are interesting times and I would see a Jew as an ally before any Moslem.

Glaivester said...

It seems to me that MacDonald is one of those people who catches on a grain of truth (leftist Jews behave the way they do in large part due to resentment of Christians and white Gentiles) and seeks to expand it into "all you need to know" about Jews. Kevin MacDonald is the Roissy of Jewology.