Friday, August 22, 2008

School Violence and Race: Michelle Malkin Strikes Out Again

By Nicholas Stix

Initially, Michelle Malkin’s new column looks promising. “Abu Ghraib-i-fying America's Schools” discusses the violence plaguing so many of America’s public schools, and the ACLU’s racist disinformation campaign, whereby it presents black students as victims of racism, because black boys get punished 1.4 times as often, and black girls 2.1 times as often as their proportion of the school population. But then Malkin wimps out, and goes Republican.

But that disproportion does not automatically equal discrimination. What they don't tell you are the races or ethnicities of the victims of the thugs being disciplined. What they don't bother to mention—because it doesn't fit the America-as-torturer-of-minorities narrative—is the unmitigated violence perpetrated in American classrooms against minority teachers.

The recent videotaped beating of black Baltimore teacher Jolita Berry by a black female student—as other black students cheered and screamed, "Hit her!"—exposed the continuing chaos in inner-city districts. In that school system alone, 112 students were expelled for assaults on staff members this school year.

Federal education statistics show that between 1996 and 2000, 599,000 violent crimes against teachers at school were reported. On average, the feds say, in each year from 1996 to 2000, about 28 out of every 1,000 teachers were the victims of violent crime at school, and three out of every 1,000 were victims of serious violent crime (i.e., rape, sexual assault, robbery or aggravated assault). Violence against teachers is higher at urban schools.

America's problem isn't that we're too tough and cruel in the classroom. It's that we've become too soft and placative, too ashamed and timid to assert authority and take unilateral action to guarantee a secure environment. Exactly where the human rights groups want us.

As the saying goes, a half-truth is a whole lie. The fake report presupposes the truth of the pseudo-scientific notion of disproportionate impact, according to which any index in which privileged minorities fare worse than whites is ipso facto proof of white racism. The fact of the matter is that black students are guilty of school disruption and violence with such disproportionate frequency, that they would likely be disciplined three-to-five times as often as white and Asian kids, if racist administrators weren’t coddling and covering for them.

The problem isn’t school violence as such, but black and Hispanic school violence. Heck, in many cities, the public schools are sites of such daily black and Hispanic racist terror, that school administrators are routinely guilty of felony child abuse, conspiracy to obstruct justice, the violation of white and Asian students’ and personnel’s civil rights, and accomplices to, and sometimes even the perpetrators of hate crimes.

Much of the “unmitigated violence perpetrated in American classrooms” is being visited upon white teachers. And if whites aren’t suffering the majority of the attacks (and for all I know, they might be), it is only because since the 1960s, (like most white students) most white teachers have been racially cleansed from urban, and increasingly even from suburban public schools, to be replaced with incompetent, racist, black and Hispanic “educators.”

Had Malkin taken the trouble to read my chapter on education in the National Policy Institute’s report, The State of White America-2007 (get a free download here), on which I was honored to serve as project director, she would know that white teachers in “urban” school districts are routinely showered with racial epithets and assaulted by racist black students, who are encouraged in such vicious, criminal behavior by black “educators,” from teacher’s aides to district superintendents, not to mention by their families. Two extraordinary white teachers, Barry Grunow and Jonathan Levin, were rewarded for their dedication by being murdered by black students. White female teachers, whom I’ll address in a separate report, are being raped by black boys.

And it is not teachers in general who are taught that they have no right to assert authority in the classroom. Black and Hispanic teachers, no matter how racist and incompetent they are, are encouraged to assert themselves, while white teachers, no matter how gifted and dedicated, are harassed and beaten down. Indeed, teacher education programs and public education conferences today are little more than diversity training programs; i.e., exercises in anti-white racism.

Emphasizing blacks as the victims of black violence, while ignoring blacks’ white and Asian victims, comes straight out of the playbook written by black racists such as Jesse Jackson’s ghostwriter, and their white socialist and communist allies, such as Nicholas Lemann and Jonathan Kozol. Such an emphasis is one of the giveaways of a dishonest political writer, and has long been employed by leftist and Republican writers alike. Jackson’s ghostwriter put the phony talking point about the problem of “black-on-black crime,” and the fiction that blacks were the predominant victims of black criminals into circulation in 1989, after it was already known that black criminals targeted whites more often than they did blacks.

When Malkin’s column first went national eight or so years ago, she was a Republican writer, but then she developed more independence. That was before she became a Republican diva with a circle of blogger-sycophants.

Malkin didn’t even have to wait for The State of White America-2007, to learn its lessons. Had she read my Insight on the News article, “Dubious Scholarship Feeds Racial Politics in Schools,” in which I fisked a fraudulent report reciting identical talking points as the ACLU report by a different leftwing activist organization, the Oakland, CA-based, Applied Research Council, she could have learned them another seven years earlier.


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Anonymous said...

But, alas, the "we are the people we have been waiting for" crowd will not want to hear about any of this.

They have gotten trained in American history in our schools (it is/was bad-should end) and they have been shaped by the culture of hip-hop...and thereby they let the black man take the lead.

They have no fear of a black planet; or so the euro-trash, slip it to me baby, white girl pimpiss tells me.

Anonymous said...

I agree. There isn't a single writer Malkin employs that isn't some neo-con hack. I really wish she had not drank the Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

I agree. There isn't a single writer Malkin employs that isn't some neo-con hack. I really wish she had not drank the Kool-Aid.