Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Theory of the Black-on-White Murder Cycle

A reader posted the following unsigned thoughts as a comment on my previous post, on the Kirkwood Massacre. He obviously had put a lot of thought into the succinct theory he developed, which matches the facts as I have observed them, though I confess to not having monitored such crimes for as long as he has. His post was too good to leave buried in my comments section, and so I am honored to present it to the public. I wish I could give the proper author credit, but he surely left his name off in the knowledge that telling the truth about black-on-white crime has many potentially negative consequences, but almost never any positive ones.

Nicholas Stix

* * *

I've been monitoring racially motivated black-on-white murder for almost 20 years. The reaction is the same today as it was in the 1980s (and probably before).

1. The media will not report the race of the white victims or the black murderer.

2. Once some racial information leeks out, they will bring in a phalanx of "experts" who can assure us the motive was not racial.

3. Blacks interviewed will express unqualified support the murderer. Some will say he went about it the wrong way. But almost all will "understand" why he did it: to fight white "racism" which is the cause of 100% of their problems.

4. Whites will not organize, march or even complain very much. In fact, they will defensively assure everyone that they are not racist. The murder will not be linked to the thousands of similar cases of racially motivated black-on-white murder.

5. There will be no talk of hate crime charges or including the murder in "diversity" seminars or in multicultural school curriculum. That would be reserved for the James Byrd, Medgar Evers and Emmett Till murders.

6. A handful of whites will get an excellent education on the real meaning of racism in America. Children, parents, brothers, sisters and friends will grieve in silence, but they are white so nobody cares. Nothing will change. Blacks will go on killing whites (and other non-blacks) because of their skin color. Schools, the media, universities, politicians, churches, businesses and every other institution will go on endlessly about white racism and black victimization. Blacks will get more racist. Whites will get even more weak and timid.

7. Repeat cycle.


Anonymous said...

Very true - And a similar template follows when a cop (black, white, or any race) shoots a black criminal.

Somewhat-related story: I once interned at local newspaper when I was 19 in the early 90s - I was responsible for the police blotter and was not allowed to state race - So if there was a black robbery suspect, I could describe the guy's clothes, his height, weight, etc...But never his race! I was not racially conscious at the time, but do remember thinking, "How does a description of the guy's clothes help when you don't know if he's white, black, or Hispanic?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing. I'd love to know what newspaper that was. In the event that you're afraid it would get back to the editor, who might in turn give career-killing responses to potential employers (that's only assuming the internship is still on your resume), please say what city and state it was in.

Anonymous said...

I am the first poster - Well I'm not a writer or journalist and never was, so no worries about professional repercussions...It was a local paper out of Bloomfield, NJ in the Worrall Community Newspapers group..I think omitting race from the police blotter is a fairly common practice in the past 20 years - But, of course it's beyond asinine to leave out important details about criminal suspects at-large

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the background.

I think you'll find the following article by James Fulford, "Hate Crimes, Real Crimes, and Relevance," eye-opening, regarding how far back the practice in question goes.

Unknown said...

This posting really bothers me. You can tell it's somebody's real sincere feelings. I don't argue with it because it's true.

But I want to add one thing. This White submission to black crime and the way Whites expect and tolerate aggression from blacks - these are learned behaviors. Whites can unlearn these behaviors. Whites can put a stop to this crap from blacks right now if Whites stand up for themselves.

It's time blacks were held accountable for their actions. White America needs to judge blacks the way they really are and show no mercy and accept no excuses.

Anonymous said...

This essay is a good argument for the diverse white American peoples to embrace a defensive white political identity.

Defensive because it will be called into existence for protection.

Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives (Paleo & Neo), and the other inhabitants of the Left-Right spectrum have abandoned the diverse white Americans to unanswered defamation, discrimination, and personal destruction. We need new institutions and new insights for solutions.

Unknown said...

Give me a break ! Whites always support white police officers no matter what the evidence is against them shooting a black person. Black police officers never get supported by the forced or whites in general. On religious radio they say Dahmer, Bundy, and Son of Sam r all christians. They will never believe Obama, OJ, or Oprah can ever be a christian !

Nicholas Stix said...

Nelson, you're so full of shit, it's coming out of your ears.

P.S. I hereby apologize in advance to any shit which feels offended at being mentioned in the same sentence as Nelson.