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The Knoxville Horror Never Happened, and There are No Marxists, Says Reader

By Nicholas Stix

The following letter came today from one of my legions of devoted Marxist readers:

In regard to your "Crime, Race, The Media, And "Anti-Racism"" article,
I feel it is necessary to make a few comments about the statements you
Speaking as a close friend of several people who attended the entire
Mountain Justice Summer weekend in Tennessee, I know that the event
was about environmental impact. The "Coup Clutz Clowns" are not a
"front" for this organization, they're a persona adopted by the
counter-protesters to better demonstrate their message. MJS has
nothing to hide.

For such a passionate denouncer of the MSM, you seem to take a large
part of your impression of an event from media publications. Why do
you imply that most of the MJS delegation was from out of town? What
information besides media omission do you have to support this claim?

I seem to not understand. Please explain.

* * *

My Marxist fan was referring to the following section from my October 31 VDARE article, “The Knoxville Horror: Crime, Race, The Media, and ‘Anti-Racism’”:

Linder’s First Rally

On May 26, [white supremacist Alex] Linder’s demonstrators are greeted by three hundred city, county, state and federal law enforcement officers in riot gear, who have spent weeks preparing for them.

The local and regional MSM claim that less than 30 protesters showed up. Reporters employ the propaganda tactic of asking all protesters where they came from, and describing them as out-of-state "white supremacists," and the demonstration as a "hate rally." In vilifying the protesters, while denying that the atrocity was racially motivated, local media imply that the protesters are worse than the rapist-torturer-murderers.


According to the ideology of "anti-racism" promoted by those who currently dominate the media, public schools, academia and "activist" organizations, blacks cannot, by definition, be guilty of racism, whereas whites are, by definition, racist. All blacks, no matter how rich, are victims, while all whites, no matter how poor, are privileged. Got it?

"Anti-racists" hate whites the way Alex Linder hates Jews.

Oddly, the majority of people who call themselves "anti-racists" are themselves white. And they are at times openly racist towards law-abiding blacks and blacks who do not hate whites sufficiently, particularly black Republicans and conservatives.

Sounds crazy? That’s because this stuff is crazy.

Virtually all Americans have encountered "anti-racism," aka "multiculturalism" and
"diversity education,"
in one form or another, most explicitly through diversity training in workplaces and educational institutions. In diversity training, whites are racially abused by vicious, dishonest trainers, who make a good living doing this.

Hate pays.

The First Counter-Rally

A lily-white contingent of men and women, all clad in long, frilly white dresses, simultaneously held a counter-rally.

The media identify the anti-white counter-demonstrators as "environmentalists" and as the "Coup Clutz Clowns," and imply that they are locals. They claim that twice as many of them showed up as those protesting the killings.

There are no "Coup Clutz Clowns." The name is a front that groups from different training camps of the "environmentalist" group, Mountain Justice Summer (MJS), in West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee use when they disrupt the demonstrations of groups they oppose.

Why would "environmentalists" be so concerned about a demonstration against black-on-white murders? Because they aren't environmentalists.

"Environmentalism" is yet another front for a revolutionary Marxist outfit that seeks to destroy America through open borders and pseudo-scientific, "environmental" accords such as the Kyoto Protocol. (For the leftwing takeover of the American environmental movement, see here and here.)

Only one MSM report I find on the rally mentions Mountain Justice Summer, but without revealing its true character.

MJS training camps, which teach civil disobedience and manipulation of the legal system, are among the successors to communist training camps such as the Monteagle, Tennessee-based, Highlander Folk School.

The local media can find only one MJS counter-demonstrator from Knoxville, lawyer Chris Irwin. (Irwin is not wearing a dress.)

No news accounts of the rally report that Irwin is MJS' Knoxville "co-coordinator" [sic]. He is also the leader of "Knoxville Anti-Racist Action."

Local print and TV "reporters" make no attempt to hide their agenda, emphasizing with unwittingly comical exaggeration Irwin's local roots, while apparently not asking the other anti-white counter-protesters—who are from all over the country—where they hail from.

“Reporters” also refrain from politically identifying the counter-demonstrators as they do the demonstrators, say as "racists," "Marxists," or "extremists."

“Reporter” Mike McCarthy, of CBS' Knoxville affiliate, WVLT, approvingly quotes Irwin's surreal statements: "It's not the 1950s anymore!" as if the victims were black; and of the protesters, "They're not just a knife at the throat of the African American and [illegal] immigrant communities, they're a threat to us all."

One may debate how much sympathy the Jew-obsessed WS/NN/Ws really feel for Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. But they do passionately express sympathy for the victims and their loved ones. The lack of any expression of sympathy for the victims and their families —or even mention of their names—by MJS' "anti-racists," however, is because … they feel no sympathy for them.

Knoxville Voice staff activist, Hilary Trenda, brags that the KPD colluded with the anti-white counter-demonstrators:

"KPD Lt. Robert Hubbs contacted Knoxville Voice May 25 while preparing security plans for the rally, expressing a desire to work with the counter-protestors and alleviate any surprises to KPD."[“At the End of the Day We Still Love You!" May 31 2007]

At the Christian/Newsom rally, Hal Turner says,

"[First,] we want to tell the liberal media we are tired of them spiking stories about black-on-white crime. Our second goal is to tell the black community they have to restrain their black hoodlums." [Police arrest organizer at 'rally against genocide', By Matt Lakin,, May 27, 2007]

Many of the pro-white protesters yell at their anti-white opponents, "If you're against racism, why weren't you here protesting the crime?"

* * *

I sent the following note to “Anonymous.”

What a pleasure to hear from you, Anonymous! I always love it when nameless people send me itty-bitty notes making unsubstantiated claims about yet other nameless ones, while demanding that I explain myself from scratch, as if I hadn't already written a 15,000-word article on the matter to be "explained."

The "Coup Clutz Clowns" are not a
"front" for this organization, they're a persona adopted by the
counter-protesters to better demonstrate their message. MJS has
nothing to hide.

Then why did they fail to mention that they were at the demo representing MJS? Or did they tell reporters, who in turn suppressed that information, believing that would better help MJS?

For such a passionate denouncer of the MSM, you seem to take a large
part of your impression of an event from media publications. Why do
you imply that most of the MJS delegation was from out of town?

I didn't "imply" it, I said it.

What information besides media omission do you have to support this claim?

What information do you have to discredit it?

I have some more questions for you:

1. Why would an “environmentalist” group try to sabotage a protest against racist violence?

2. Put differently, why would an “environmentalist” group support racist violence?

3. Why would an “environmentalist” group oppose the best available measure against pollution in the U.S. (a moratorium on all immigration)?

4. Why would an “environmentalist” group support measures intended to destroy Western economies, while not supporting any such measures against the two nations that will soon be (if they are not already) the world's biggest industrial polluters?

Please explain.

And I resemble the disrespect you showed the MSM's coverage of the counter-demonstration. Those folks bent over backwards to help your alleged friends.

* * *

I just noticed something, in preparing this post for publication. “Anonymous” did not cite the full title of my article; he cut out the beginning, “The Knoxville Horror.” For she/he/it, there was no Knoxville Horror.

For background on Alex "Don't Call Me a Neo-Nazi" Linder, read the following three-part interview.

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My previous stories on the Knoxville Horror follow.

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Anonymous said...


Bless you. You're doing God's work by telling the truth. When devoted cultural-Marxists take you to task it simply means you're homing-in with deadly precision on the real target which is to say our real enemy - lies, those who disseminate them, and especially the father of them all.

Darling Clementine said...

I was a media liaison/clownsitter for the Coup Clutz Clowns. I and the other liaison made it abundantly clear that we had come as a group after our week-long Mountain Justice education and training meeting at a nearby campground. When handing out our paragraph statement explaining the satirical nature of the CCC, we also handed out our Mountain Justice tri-fold pamphlet, and those of us not in costume were wearing our Mountain Justice shirts.

If the media failed to mention that we were all MJ activists, it's probably because they feared it would confuse people who were only eager to hear about who these clowns were that crashed the KKK rally. You seem to be one of the confused, but your confusion and ignorance is turning into fear and anger and a lot of font resizing.

Maybe the connection between environmental justice and social justice is a little scary and confusing to you, too. I will give you a hint: Humanism. Also related: a pervasive sense of morality and creative energy.

We aren't trying to put a stop to Mountaintop Removal because we don't think the earth can take care of itself geologically. It seems to me we are all motivated by the preservation of quality of life and life itself in the Appalachian mountains, which is, by the way, where I and my closest Mountain Justice friends were born, raised, and reside.

Red Scare, Green Scare, White Scare, Black Scare... what exactly ARE you scared of? Sounds like you have a little soul-searching to do. Or you could keep on hatin'. Free country!

Thanks for the attention, at least.

Mountain Justice

Darling Clementine said...

P.S.-- you can see our Mountain Justice shirts and greasy camp hair in this photo gallery from the counterprotest: