Thursday, July 07, 2016

Hillary Clinton: White Lives Don’t Matter


Anonymous said...

It's not their fuc*ing color,it's what they fuc*ing DO!

Anonymous said...

Ten Commandments for Blacks to Avoid "Problems" with Police.
1)Thou shalt not commit crimes
2)Thou shalt not be out of your home after dark.
3)Thou shall treat your neighborhood with respect
4)Thou shall honor your mother and whoever she's living with.
5)Thou shalt not join a gang
6)Thou shalt not have a gun
7)Thou shalt not covet an officers gun and try to take it.
8)Thou shalt not deal drugs
9)Thou shalt not argue with an officer who stops you.

10)Thou shall give helpful information to an officer when asked if thou knows about a crime in your area.
Not from GOD but GRA.

Anonymous said...

Thy shalt not massacre policemen.