Monday, July 04, 2016

Happy Independence Day, 2016!


Anonymous said...

Interesting theory being put out today is charging Hillary Clinton with perjury before Congress--while under oath.Many examples given.We'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I 'm watching the Comey hearing today and he is definitely a believer that Clinton did not know there was a law preventing her from sending top secret info on her email,did not willfully break the law and did not try to cover it up or lie about it.
Point 1)I may be wrong,but in my business law class-ignorance of the law is no excuse.If you drive your car and commit a crime that you did not know was illegal (say you make a left turn on red in a state it was not allowed and you cause a fatality--you still get charged).Or I didn't know the speed limit---you still get a ticket.Comey said intent was not shown by Clinton in order to be charged.I 'm amazed by that viewpoint.
Point 2)Comey claimed Clinton did not know her lawyers erased 30,000 emails and cleaned the systems.He decided to believe that the lawyers did this on their own and never updated their client on this.Right.
Point 3)Clinton obviously lied before Congress under oath and the committee chair said he will be forwarding a request to the FBI to investigate perjury to Congress.Comey basically testified that the answers Clinton gave to Congress last year,were NOT the same answers she gave privately to the FBI last Saturday.
The fun continues.
--GR Anonymous