Friday, July 01, 2016

Chicago: It’s Not Just the Cubs Who are Off to a Record-Setting Start! 24 People Shot, 3 Fatally, Within 24 Hours, Heading into the “Often Violent July Fourth Weekend”; And How is Independence Day Weekend Different from All Other Chicago Weekends?

By Reader-Researcher “W”

They are off to a great start!

“Three people who were killed are among the 24 shot within a 24-hour stretch as Chicago heads into the often violent July Fourth weekend.”

N.S.: As if there were non-violent weekends in the Windy City. By the way, in Chicago, the weekend runs Friday through Thursday.

At the Chicago Tribune.


Chicago guy said...

Those are some really mean, nasty people who care nothing about anyone else's life. Anti-violence marches sure haven't done anything. These types seem to be regressing to some state of primitive tribal warfare.
Blacks voted for Obama thinking he was going to do something for them but instead all he's given them is this gay bs 24/7.

Anonymous said...

In baseball jargon,you'd call that "24 perfectly executed hit and runs".

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Here's yet another "I kid you not" story (how many times have I wrote that?), I spotted this headline in our local "news"paper: Ex NFL Player "happy" to be alive. Stanley Wilson, an ex NFL player broke into a home and was shot by the homeowner. OK, one of those rare times there's a good outcome of a burglary, but what's with the "happy to be alive" headline? Type in Stanley Wilson NFL in google and that's what every news outlet is using for it's lead text. We are being focused away from the actual crime, the fact he was naked (suggesting he had worse intentions than just stealing - which remains unspoken in anything I've read) and being implanted with the suggestion there is a silver lining in this incident: A precious human life has been preserved. Which, of course, is the MOST important things we have to concentrate on because, by god, if he had been killed he can't turn his life around to be that Rhodes scholar or famous rapper he aspires to be. Personally, I'm not glad he's alive.

BTW His father was also an ex NFL player who was arrested for burglary. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree here.

Also note in this first story the police are "determining whether the shooting was justified". Is it really that hard to figure out?

Check out the comment section in the Oregonlive link (my hometown and local to the story) before the good ones are sent down the memory hole.

Anonymous said...

I saw that story--since Wilson used to play for the Detroit Lions briefly.
Just wanted to pass this note...that the Michigan State Police is being sent to Cleveland for the Republican convention because,according to local TV stations,"there is a fear of mass civil disobedience"(rioting)when it all begins in two weeks.It is assumed that other states will send law enforcement to back up Cleveland and Ohio LE as well.
--GR Anonymous