Saturday, July 02, 2016

Bangladeshi PM on Moslem Restaurant Attack in Dhaka: “We were Able to Save 13 People, We weren’t Able to Save a Few”; Initial, Official Bangladeshi Story: 40 Civilians Wounded; 2 Policemen Killed; 6 Terrorists “Died on the Spot, They Died Right There"; 1 Terrorist Wounded and Captured; 1 or 2 Terrorists Escaped (Inconsistencies); 13 or 14 Hostages Rescued (Inconsistencies); US State Dept.: ‘It was ISIS’; CNN’s Barbara Starr; ‘It was Al Qaeda’ (Remember Them?); Bangladeshi Government is Making Much More of an Effort to Stop Islamic Terror than Obama is

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

There is no clear word as to how many hostages were raped, maimed, or murdered, and there may never be. However, as the citizen of a Fourth World nation, I have become accustomed to such a lack of reliable information about urgent matters.

An English CNN operative on the video at the linked page, reporting from Hong Kong, quoted (female) Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as saying, “We were able to save 13 people, we weren’t able to save a few.”

Dhaka cafe standoff: At least 13 hostages rescued as siege ends
By Farid Ahmed
Catherine E. Shoichet and Steve Almasy
Updated 2:48 A.M. ET, Sat July 2, 2016

Wave of killings

The attack came on the same day a Hindu priest was hacked to death at his temple in Bangladesh's southwestern district of Jhenaidah, police said.

That incident was the latest in a wave of killings across Bangladesh of secular bloggers, academics and religious minorities such as Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and Sufi Muslims -- despite a nationwide government crackdown and the arrest of more than 14,000 people.

The government launched an anti-militant drive across the Muslim-majority nation last month to stamp out the murders, but many of those detained are believed to be ordinary criminals and not Islamic extremists.

[In Islam, this is a specious distinction. Mohammed was himself a criminal brigand, as well as a psychopathic mass murderer.]

Home to almost 150 million Muslims, the country until recently had avoided the kind of radicalism plaguing others parts of the world. But that's changing as the attacks seem designed to silence those to [sic] dare to criticize Islam.

[Read the whole thing at CNN.]


Anonymous said...

The sects fight amongst themselves just as gangs fight with each other in our fine cities (like Chicago et al).This,in addition,to fighting against those who oppose them blatantly on religious or philosophical grounds.Also reasons for attacks:religious holidays,national holidays,anniversaries of previous attacks,anniversaries of previous attacks made ON them,the sun is out,it's Monday through Sunday,We feel like it,We're bored,Mohammed spoke to them through the puppy (cat,goldfish etc) they just bought,anger at Christianity,anger at America...and the biggest reason of all:
They're nuts.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Of course this Sunday morning in Baghdad,the crazy Islams unleashed a big 2 car bomb attack.As of now 126 dead.Believe it or not,this will happen here.Everything that they do in other countries that they live in,will happen here.Car bombs over at a sporting event or parade area...all targets.Mall parking lots.Obama can't guarantee Muslims won't do that here.The Zika virus--with only a small percentage of mosquitoes infected must be kept out of the US.Ebola was the same way.Muslims?Surrre.Bring em in--even though philosophically,they all detest the American lifestyle.Let them stay in the fact,let's deport some Muslims WITH some Mexicans and ship some Chicago blacks with them--as a bonus going away those groups are NOT what America is/was about--contrary to what Obama says--it's what HE wants it to be...would be more accurate.
--GR Anonymous