Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Malcolm Little/X/Shabazz wasn’t Always Wrong, in Spite of Himself


A portrait of the the hustler as a young man

By Nicholas Stix

Detroit Red said, “Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.”

Of course, he meant that white teachers were the enemies of negro children, when in fact they were often the children's biggest supporters.

If only whites had some sense.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
You already ran a feature on rapist Sergio Jose Martinez from the angle of Steve Cortez calling out sanctuary cities but I think this mope (and sanctuary cities and ICE) could use a little more exposure. This rapist had been deported 20 times and had several criminal convictions, details that weren't in the Steve Cortez article except in the photo caption where it had: "20X deportee" in the caption, something most readers probably wouldn't even notice. Are you kidding me??? 20 TIMES??? It's illegal to cross the border anytime but how many times can you cross before you finally are considered a real criminal worthy of jail time? And his "several" criminal convictions? Shouldn't those be a part of the illegal crossing? Whatever happened to 3 strikes? Or should I say 23 strikes!

This was in my city so I've been watching some local coverage that might not get noticed nationally. OPB did a nice piece interviewing Sheriff Mike Reese who described his frustrations with ICE and the way they handled this criminal and his serial illegal border crossings:

Excerpt from the article:

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese issued a statement Monday placing the responsibility for Martinez’s release squarely on ICE officials.

“This terrible incident is concerning for everyone,” Reese said. “We held the defendant until he could not be legally held any longer.”

Under Oregon’s 30-year-old “sanctuary” law, local law enforcement agencies cannot use their resources to enforce federal immigration law if a person’s only crime is being in the country illegally.

Court documents show Martinez has several criminal convictions in Oregon and other states. He was last released from Multnomah County Jail on July 17, mere days before the alleged assaults.

But Reese said Monday his agency had little choice in the matter.

“Prior to his release, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials had not sent a criminal warrant, signed by a judge, allowing MCSO to hold the defendant in jail,” Reese wrote. “Instead, they processed a civil detainer, which they know cannot be legally used in Oregon.”

Anonymous said...

The Jewish teachers of New York City at all levels tried their hardest to educate the colored children of Harlem and failed. Then the colored finally turned on the Jewish teachers.

Malcolm Little was an uneducated nobody who probably had someone write all his speeches and books [book or books??] for him.

Malcolm Little all he knew was to teach HATE!