Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Pastor Joel Osteen: There’s No Room at the Inn for Hurricane Harvey Victims at His 17,000-Seat, Houston Mega Church… or is There?


The most hated man in Harris County?

By Nicholas Stix

Osteen’s spokesman now insists that the super-preacher never closed out the destitute.

At the New York Post/Marketwatch.

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Anonymous said...

I do not blame him at all. Given what happened at the Houston Astro Dome after Hurricane Katrina, I wouldn't invite in people fleeing the hurricane, either . The church might not have the insurance, plumbing, or staff/volunteers to deal with mass's of people who are frightened to the point of emotional crisis.

The very worst place to be in a disaster or public crisis is any public shelter. There will be those present with drug and alcohol issues, mental health conditions, contagious illness's, bad hygiene and bad manners. Unless there is tight security, they could be carrying guns, knives or other items to be used as weapons. You have no idea how they will react when told by soldiers or volunteers that they can not leave the shelter for a specific period of time or told that they need to line up to use the bathroom or to get food. It could wind up being extremely dangerous.