Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Who is Sean Patrick Nielsen? Are Communists Impersonating Alt-Righters in Interviews, in Order to Generate even More Hate Against Them?

By Glaivester
Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at 9:21:00 A.M. EDT

[Re: “COINTELPRO II? Major Liberal Organizer ‘Encouraged Leftists to Dress Up as Ku Klux Klan Members.’”]

In particular, this, which I heard the audio of on NPR, strikes me as hinky:

Said Sean Patrick Nielsen, “I’m here because our Republican values are: standing up for our local white identity...which is under threat; the free market; and killing Jews.”

That does not sound to me like something even an anti-Semitic alt-rightist would say. If he were going to speak against Jews, he would probably accuse them of something, rather than just talk about doing violence. Second, I don't think most people in that frame of mind would be associating themselves with the Republican Party or be terribly concerned with the free market. It sounds almost more like what a leftist thinks any right-winger would say than what anyone I have ever seen would say.

N.S.: The First Law of Lying is Plausibility. Anyone who knows anything about the so-called Alt-Right, knows that, as Glaivester notes, they never speak like that. However, racial socialists like the above-linked blogger eat up that garbage.

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Anonymous said...

You're half right he said he was a college republican, I was at the rally and met Nielsen,i can confirm he's a more moderate alt-righter who was trying to meme

Nicholas said...

Who are you? (Write me at

Why should I believe you?

What does "trying to meme" mean?

Glaivester said...

Anonymous: I will admit that it is also possible that he is just an idiot who thinks that saying things like that will get him publicity or make him seem edgy, etc.

What I do not believe is that he is making a genuine statement of his political ideas.

Unknown said...

I know "sean" pretty well and he is in fact a complete idiot package and just wants your guys attention

Anonymous said...

Assuming Sean Patrick Nielsen is for real, and then assuming he's reading this -
I would love you to come to Jerusalem and try kill Jews. You will be killed.