Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Shades of Hurricane Katrina: The Usual Suspects (“the Most Vulnerable Among Us,” “Victims,” Etc.) are Trying to Kill the White, Volunteer Rescuers of the “Cajun Navy,” and are Hijacking Their Boats for Looting and Robberies


The “Cajun Navy” in Texas, earlier today

At Town Hall.


Col. B. Bunny said...

TUS can be counted on to drag everything down to the most primitive level. A horrible curse on us all. The or a BLM "leader" was on Tucker tonight. The viciousness, dishonesty, and stupidity were unbelievable. Nothing good is possible. It's a race to the bottom. Name the metric. Unchangeable. Eternal.

Anonymous said...

I was using Zello yesterday to listen to the rescue efforts of the Cajun navy and others of the same type. Remarkable those persons and their desire to HELP others they do not know. NO looting, murder, rape, etc. Just trying to help and at their own expense and at danger to themselves. As it should be but rarely is. And among certain demographics never is.