Sunday, August 06, 2017

A Colleague Suggests Calling Anti-White Groups Like the SPLC, “White Submissionists”

By Nicholas Stix

What do you guys think? Does this phrase have legs?


Anonymous said...

White Divisionists.While the Mex and black are united against whites,we divide ourselves into nothingness.We become meaningless without the unity and foresight to see where a divided white race ends up.
--GR Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

On your knees and grovel in submission whitey boy! We be'ez in charge now.

Anonymous said...

Looks good at first, but its not accurate in my opinion. It has a Civil War meaning to it, and its hard to beat "race traitor". Frank Sherry, Mark Potok and that other dude Heidi Beirich, just hate their own race. How about White Upchucks?

Stephen Paul Foster said...

I agree, and make it a crime to call someone "a racist" unless you prove it.


Anonymous said...
A local election,which will have a huge impact on whether Grand Rapids can be considered a viable city,or an area on a continuing path to ghettodom.
My first ward is up for election and the choices are clear.Catherine Mish is a pro police,anti crime candidate.The other two candidates are diversity types,in favor of more disintegration of the West side via low income housing and ethnic mixing.
I'd be shocked if my candidate Mish wins,but I'm looking for a miracle. I'll give the results later.
--GR Anonymous