Saturday, August 19, 2017

My Son, My Son! Google’s Totalitarians Force Out Yet Another Blog on Race and Crime

By Nicholas Stix

“Mr. Stix. Paul Kersey,” said the young man, offering his hand at a conference several years ago.

I shook it, and responded, “Paul Kersey? You’re one of my sons!”

He wasn’t crazy about hearing that—they never are—but I had been writing about race and crime for over 20 years, before “Paul” began.

So, what am I supposed to believe? That it was a complete coincidence that all these race and crime bloggers popped up from 2010 on? That none of them had heard of my work, and been inspired by it, before following in my footsteps?

Long ago, I learned that if other people won’t pat yuou on the back, you have to pat yoyurself.

In any event, “Paul” has done a great deal of very good work, over the past several years. However, the totalitarians at Google/Alphabet have decided that his time is over.

Over the course of about 12 hours, three different readers have alerted me that access to Paul’s blog, Stuff Black People Don't Like, has been blocked.

“This blog is open to invited readers only.”

Google must have given Paul the choice between making his blog private, and the Politburo shutting it down, altogether.

If and when the Politburo does the same to me, I can be reached at

I can’t be reached at Twitter, because its Politburo shut me down on February 23, or at Facebook, because its Politburo shut me down in late March or early April.

I’m still at Gab, but stopped posting there after Twitter shut me down. I had gotten very few hits via Gab, as opposed to Twitter, probably because many of my readers were also on Gab.

I have nothing against Gab, but I had been wasting incredible amounts of time on social media. However, it seems to be a “six-of-one, half-a-dozen-of-another” proposition: Without social media, I get more work done, but reach 20-40% fewer people.

(A few years ago, I deleted Google’s “social media” at this blog, because it was bombarding me with malware.)

Google had been sabotaging my numbers for a couple years already, presumably by burying my blog items. Now, it’s being even more aggressive. The only social media I’m left with is Google+, but Google is sabotaging that, as well. Whereas until a few weeks ago, when I hit “Google+” for a new item, I would immediately get 8-12 page views of it, now when I hit Google+, I get 0 page views. I have to hit Google+ three times, just to get a single page view.

Any ideas, as to where I should go from here?


Anonymous said...

YouTube daily news report?What's needed for websites that are being crushed politically,is an internet version of BitCoin--designed for free speech.Bitcoin answers to no one (supposedly).It goes unregulated.How this could be adjusted for print media is beyond my paygrade.Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

How about Wordpress?

Rodger James said...

Gab is under a denial of service attack. Once our voice is gone what have we left?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that it became difficult to find your blog, maybe around nine months ago. They are using logarithms to manipulate the traffic. Also do a search for your blog on a meta search engine like and see what comes up.

Go to EFF, Electronic Freedom Foundation - good information there.

maybe look into something called Tor, which I learned about on EFF's website.

Tor Project: Anonymity Online

Tor (anonymity network) - Wikipedia

I had the email attached to two blogs hacked into and I have never been able to access the blogs again.

Anonymous said...

I did a search for Paul Kersey and found some of his articles at

His email is