Sunday, August 06, 2017

De-Policing in California: Only 4 Suspects Arrested in 50-Car East Bay Burglary Spree

By “W”

In the San Francisco Chronicle.

The mopes are so used to getting freebies that they must be shocked that the cops would arrest anyone.


Anonymous said...

Laugh of the day:
I flipped on MSNBC for ONE 528pm EDT.The story:
"The goal in Baltimore this weekend was to go 72 hours without a murder.They didn't make it.Two murders yesterday,bringing the total for the year to 204."
As Don Adams(from "Get Smart")would've said,"Missed it by that much."
The shootouts should really explode now,as they try to catch up with their frantic desire to kill.
Another laugh was the white liberal announcer(Thomas Roberts) talking to the black chick,the organizer of "Nobody Kill Anybody",saying HE'S from Baltimore,so he's rooting for the town to stop the killings.Lol.It'll happen,as soon as they ship off the black population to the moon--or farther away--otherwise,there's not a chance.
They then posted a promo of "Ferguson--3 years later",at 6pm.I've got my own city going down the drain.
Channel changed.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with the strong work ethic of the group. They are highly prized "aggressive" employees that would be esteemed in any work force. And their normal source of employment is??