Thursday, August 31, 2017

Goodbye, Columbus: Minority-Majority Los Angeles Votes to Erase European-American Civilization



Forwarded by “W”

What happened to “assimilation”?

What happened to “act of love”?

What happened to, “They just want to be American”?

How about, “They envy us for our freedom”?

How about multiculturalism?

But of course, they still take, nay, demand, ever more of white people's hard-earned money and assets.

New York Post: “Los Angeles Will No Longer Celebrate Columbus Day.”


Anonymous said...

When will Kwanzaa be eliminated?Or Cinco de Mayo?There should be no city sponsored festivals of non-white groups-it's preferential treatment.Maybe we'll all get lucky and Mexifornia will secede--ASAP preferably.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Mulatto half-caste mixed race Mex are about 2/3 Spanish most of them. I guess that means they should celebrate Chris with 2/3 of their fervor? I just cannot find words to describe.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe we'll all get lucky and Mexifornia will secede--ASAP preferably."

NOT one step backwards. Let THEM leave and not us.