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Chivalry, Romanians, Ketamine, and an International, White-Slave Trade: Was British Model Chloe Ayling Kidnapped by the “Black Death”—or was It All an Elaborate Hoax?


Chloe Ayling at her London doorstep this morning

"Chloe Ayling at home with her dog in Coulsden, Surrey" [South London]

By Nicholas Stix

I am not identifying the reader-researcher friend who sent this in, because my b.s. detector is going off, and I can’t shut it off.

This story is all over the ‘Net, from CNN to the Daily Mail, so why am I skeptical?


A romantic selfie Chloe Ayling took in her bathroom

• The reporting, by the Mail’s Keiligh Baker and Ed Wight, is just too breathless, lurching back and forth between locations in England, Italy, and Poland, that are often vague or completely unclear, with too little in the way of dates and specific places;

• The most dramatic aspects of the story are just mentioned, by the way, with no supporting information—A Romanian crime organization in England, and Arabian buyers of white sex slaves who use them until they tire of them, and then give them away, or feed them to their pet tigers;

• No information explaining why someone would be contacting alleged victim Chloe Ayling to come to Milan for a photoshoot. Ayling doesn’t seem to be a famous “model,” rather than a young woman who got a boob job, uses a great deal of makeup, and posts selfies, some of them in the bathroom imitating Kim Kardashian; the UK press refers to her as a “glamour model,” but that is a euphemism for something very unglamorous that may mislead Americans (it means a girl who does nude spreads); but she’s plenty famous now. The Daily Mail refers to her as a “Page 3 model,” but the only example I found of that was since her alleged abduction;

• The alleged victim seems fine; as one commenter noted, even Kim Kardashian lay low for a while after she was robbed in her Parisian hotel room;

• The alleged vic claimed this morning to be wearing the same socks she had on when she was kidnapped, but wouldn’t police have confiscated them, to test for forensic evidence?;

• The victim claims that she was released, because her captors don’t kidnap and sell mothers, and had found an online photo of her with her two-year-old son, yet we don’t hear anything about who was caring for the toddler, or about her fears for her child during the six days she was allegedly kidnapped (July 11-17 or 18). When my boy was that age, I had recurring nightmares of his being kidnapped in public places, or of my forgetting him in a taxi trunk, after shopping (weird, I know!). The only role her son plays in these stories is her claim that his existence saved her.



Mug shots of alleged kidnapper Lukasz Herba

CNN: “The websites for the auctions included a description of the victim and a starting price but police said it was still unclear whether the suspect had made them up.”


CNN is also insinuating that Chloe Ayling’s kidnapping was a hoax, by running a video from last year on the page of its Ayling story about the bizarre, alleged kidnapping of white California mom of two young children, Sherri Papini, then 34. (At the same time, CNN maintains plausible deniability.)

Sherri Papini was allegedly kidnapped while jogging on November 2, 2016, by two Hispanic women in a dark SUV armed with a gun, and then released on Thanksgiving Day, 22 days later. Two days after Mrs. Papini disappeared, her husband Keith set up a GoFundMe page, which raised $49,070. Law enforcement was never able to catch the kidnappers, but Sherri Papini’s history of bizarre behavior was eventually reported on, causing many observers to speculate that her alleged kidnapping was a hoax. Mrs. Papini claimed to have been “branded” by her captors, but law enforcement refused to reveal what the brand was.

The “branding” of Sherri Papini makes those of us with long memories think of racist, black, kidnapping-gang-rape hoaxer, Tawana Brawley. Though Brawley and her accomplices Al Sharpton, C. Vernon Mason, and Alton Maddox, were never charged with any crimes, on account of being black, they committed wire fraud to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, bilking well-wishers who’d swallowed her tale of woe (here, here, and here).

Friend: I’m passing this along since it discloses the apparent existence of an international white-slave trade. Kidnapping attractive white females to sell on the world market.

At the Daily Mail.


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