Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Trump’s Betrayal Complete as Military-Industrial Complex Rises to Power

By Reader-Researcher RC

"If one moment stands out as the clearest signal yet of US President Trump turning his back on supporters, it was his announcement this week to re-escalate American military intervention in Afghanistan."

Afghanistan borders china.

At RT.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
We are in Afghanistan for a reason. There is no oil or strategic resources in Afghanistan but like the article says: It borders on China. It is also between China and Iran, we are there to keep a pipeline from being built from Iran to China, or any of the other oil producing middle eastern states for that matter, if any of them decided to go "rogue". The Russians were there for the same reason and aren't complaining much about the US being there, they don't want China to have a direct conduit to middle eastern oil either. It's our own stupidity that put us in this situation, our investments into China help develop the country into an economic power. If they had enough oil the Chinese yen could challenge the US petrodollar as the de facto world currency, which is also the reason we invaded Iraq and bombed Libya. Was it justified? You can debate that question but as for hegemony in East Asia I believe Asian countries would prefer to have the US as the dominant power in the region rather than China, Russia or perhaps Japan. There's plenty of negative rhetoric in Asia about US "imperialism", but if you pay attention to what they say it's always tempered with an extreme wariness toward the rise of Chinese influence and the tactics they have been employing to increase it. Reality is the US has been positively saint like compared to the way they have treated each other over the ages. Just read a bit of history of the region and the record of inhumanity and brutality to each other is beyond horrifying. The US is far from perfect but the systemic genocides and atrocities between Asian countries are the worst the world has ever seen.

Trump is just doing what he needs to do as President. We abandon Afghanistan then China takes another leap forward as a world economic and military power. We don't want that and neither does the rest of the world.

As for the military industrial complex, that's old news, Eisenhower already warned us about it in the 50's. That story by far has preceded Trump. I'm more concerned with the recent rise of the pharma industrial complex. Thanks to Obama making health insurance mandatory we are now obligated to pay taxes whether we want health insurance or not, basically we have had even our right to die taken away, one of the few rights we have left. This enormous blow to our personal freedoms has been ignored by both sides of the political spectrum. I'm still shaking my head at the apathy of the American public toward this.

PeteForester1 said...

All it says is that he's not turning his back on China... like the rest of the world seems so eager to do...