Monday, August 07, 2017

“Nobody Kill Anybody” Weekend: A Failure in Baltimore, but a Rousing Success Elsewhere

By A Friend

Quiet weekend here in [small town], MI. Nobody Killed Anybody… and they haven’t at least since 2001 (that is as far back as I can find crime reports). Nobody [among some mutual friends] took me up on my offer to spend the weekend in Baltimore during the proposed cease-fire. [One friend] took off for her condo in Florida; [another] reports he is at Hilton Head…. Maybe we just didn’t show enough faith in the homies…. Whatever.

N.S.: My friend writes from a town that is small, but that is not why it is murder-free. There are many small towns in this country that are the sites of bloodbaths on a regular basis. That is because they dominated by violent groups—blacks and Hispanics. Not “poor blacks and Hispanics,” but simply blacks and Hispanics. Well-to-do blacks and Hispanics commit more crime than poor whites.

Racial socialists and black supremacists have for years promoted the racial fairy tale, whereby crime is “caused” by poverty. When you point out the connection between blacks and crime, the same characters shout, “Correlation is not causation!”

But it gets better. For a few years now, I have heard white Republicans and “conservatives” repeat the same racial fairy tale.

Racial socialists and black supremacists have not only ruined social relations and social science, but they’ve also gutted the English language—with the collaboration of the so-called Right.

I recall a time when words had meaning (facts, too). But that was before Scalia’s Pillow.

The small town my friend lives in is over 90% non-Hispanic white, and has a total of under 3% blacks and Hispanics. Homogeneity alone won’t cut it. It’s got to be homogenously white, and not yet yobbified.

By the way, in my friend’s small town, they never have to call for a “Nobody Kill Anybody” weekend. If you have to call for one, you’re already lost.

[“Baltimore's 'Nobody Kill Anybody' Weekend: Yeah, That Didn't Work.” | Daily Wire.]

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