Monday, August 14, 2017

Racial Supremacism and Segregation in Charlottesville: Police Chief Al Thomas is Light, Bright, and Damn Near White—and a Black Supremacist... and He's Got Company!



"Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy hosted a July 26 [illegally segregated] black male town hall summit to present"

By Nicholas Stix

Look at black man the man standing next to Chief Thomas in the picture at the top. He’s wearing a bowtie.

So, what? If you see a youngish black man or boy wearing all red, it means he’s either a member of the Bloods, or about to be killed for impersonating one.

A black man wearing a bowtie is a member of the murderous Nation of Islam. The bowtie is at least as important as the conservative suit, but conveys much more information. Some Nation men wear neckties at times, which serves as a disguise (to non-blacks). And of course, many black men wear suits and ties who are not NOI.

An anonymous coward once commented that I didn’t know what I was talking about, re the Bowtie Brigade. Either he was a liar, or an ignoramus.

The Google Images caption says, “Police_Chief_Al_Thomas_Staff-660x335-1461090749.jpg.”

Mr. Bowtie’s uniform says, “100 Black Men of Central Virginia.”

The uniform resembles the uniform of the NOI’s Fruit of Islam, the cult’s elite bodyguard-assassin division.

In the most recent photo I could find, from a June 20 photo op about a Klan [?] rally scheduled for July 8, Nation man had substituted a yellow necktie for his bowtie. Chief Thomas and other city officials spoke that day about counter-programming that was being produced, to compete with the Klan rally.

In the interim, there had been a scandal involving Bowtie Man.

His name is Wes Bellamy, and he is Charlottesville’s vice mayor. Last year, there was a to-do about some racist tweets he made, which caused him to be forced off the Virginia Board of Education.

For years, he worked as a school teacher, poisoning kids’ minds.

The tweets were obscene and racist. Bellamy now says he is no longer the same man he was then, and then calls President Trump a white supremacist!


Racial segregationist Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy now often wears a necktie in public

Al Thomas was picked last year by black City Manager Maurice Jones to replace the retiring, white chief, and become Charlottesville’s first black police chief.

After the riot on Sunday, Chief Thomas immediately charged that the ramming of the rioters by the white driver was “premeditated,” as in First-Degree Murder.

Chief Thomas had no basis for that accusation, but that’s what happens when you appoint a black supremacist chief of police in the home of the University of Virginia.

Is Chief Al Thomas himself a member of the Nation of Islam? Inquiring minds want to know.


Anonymous said...

"Chief Thomas immediately charged that the ramming of the rioters by the white driver was 'premeditated,' as in First-Degree Murder."

The driver was charged with 2nd degree murder. It would be hard to prove premeditation.

Anonymous said...

That wearing of the bow tie WAS TO SEND A MESSAGE. Black Muslim is on the case. YES.

Anonymous said...

Bell-a-mee was on CNN this evening. Was not wearing the bow tie.