Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I Smell Yet Another Hoaxing, PC Waitress: Lesbian Claims that Christians Wrote on Their Bill, “Can’t tip Someone who doesn’t love Jesus! Bad tatoo!”


Compare the handwriting in the “hate” message with the customer’s signature 

By Nicholas Stix

We’ve seen this movie before. One waitress was a lesbian, another was black. Like the others, Samantha Heaton has already gotten her five minutes of fame, being invited to tell her tale of fake woe on TV. What’s next, wire fraud?

I tried to call this one out at AOL, but they have permablocked me. They must have blocked a lot of other people, too, because there were very few comments, none of which charged Heaton with being a hoaxer.

“A co-worker snapped a picture of the receipt and Heaton’s tattoo, hoping to raise awareness on social media of a misguided inference that anyone who supports the LGBT community is anti-Christian, or that all gay people must be Christ-hating atheists.”

“Raise awareness”? Like Lena Dunham, with her latest hoax, where she lied about airport workers bad-mouthing the sexual psychotics who call themselves “transgenders,” so that Dunham could “raise awareness” about Lena Dunham, and make airport workers miserable with still more identity politics “sensitivity training.”

At Rockford’s Rock River Times.


Anonymous said...

looks like a hoax to me. such stunts have become a business.

Didn't someone propose to tattoo all gay men that had AIDS? NOW they tattoo themselves outta pride??

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
There have been a number of these so called "receipt graffiti" incidents, I recall a black Red Lobster waitress a few years back who claimed someone wrote a slur on her receipt. She ended up with a $10,000 payout.
Looks like hoaxes pay after all.

I'm going to write "honky, cracker and white devil" on my house or car, start up a gofundme page and see how much I can get for my pain.

Anonymous said...

You'll get a letter from the city,warning you to fix your eyesore of a house,with a $1 000 fine.