Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Charlottesville: The Two Videos Which, Together, Conclusively Prove that Joseph Fields Jr. was the Victim of Heather Heyer's Murderous, Black Supremacist Comrades

Corrected at 7:24 p.m.


Mug shot of neo-Nazi scapegoat, James Alex Fields Jr.

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

At 0:04 of the first video, the first black supremacist attacks Fields with an aluminum baseball bat. Fields responds by hitting the gas. He hits a bunch of Communist rioters, apparently including Heather Heyer, and slams into a car. When Fields backs up, three more black supremacists armed with aluminum baseball bats (video #2) then attempt to murder him, bashing in his windshield, passenger side window, and rear window. Fields responds by flooring it, bouncing his would-be killers off his car.

I thank videographer Brennan Gilmore for taking and posting this video, and for making it public domain. However, I would advise him to take a much closer look or ten at the first six seconds. If he does, he'll see that Fields was driving very slowly, and only hit the gas, when he was attacked by first one racist black thug with an aluminum baseball bat, and then three more racist, black thugs with aluminum baseball bats, the latter of whom tried to murder him.

Video of “Peaceful Protestors” Trying to Murder James Alex Fields Jr.

Darwin Award winner Heather Heyer was no victim of James Alex Fields Jr. She was blocking the street, engaged in a "victory celebration" of the racist riot with the very Communist thugs who unsuccessfully tried to murder Fields.


Anonymous said...

Third Times the Charm--DJTrump has a great press conference.
What was supposed to be an infrastructure speech became another classic,wild Donald Trump free for all,including fighting with a totally subjective press (Hallie Jackson in particular)and showing a clarity for the facts.
With Trump blaming both sides (it HAD to be AT LEAST 50/50 in the at fault department.Who was the alt-right fighting with?Not themselves)and pissing off the brainless,it was a brilliant performance.
"Where does this end?"Trump asked."Do we tear down George Washington,because he was a slave owner?"
That's what this all is leading to--replacing white statues with blacks:MLK,Rosa Parks etc.They're already transitioning television to black TV and the news has been pro black since Obama in 2008.
The only part I disagree with is his proclamation of guilt concerning James Fields.That will probably taint every jury you can muster together.
"We don't know all the facts yet",was where that should have ended,but didn't.
Of course Lesta played all the great reviews from David Duke and other white supremacists,trying to show what a racist Trump is.He also showed the Republicans (who don't support Trump anyways--and never did)voicing their disapproval of Trump's views on Charlottesville.
This was the Trump I voted for.Honest,combative and mostly on target.Kudos.
--GR Anonymous

Nicholas said...


Check out Charlottesville: The Two Videos Which, Together, Conclusively Prove that Joseph Fields Jr. was the Victim of Heather Heyer's Murderous, Black Supremacist Comrades in about five minutes. I'm making a correction.

Anonymous said...

As far as the backing up of his vehicle,there's no doubt he was trying to save his own life.The question I haven't heard answered is:Was Heather Heyer killed on the forward run or the reverse run?Also,did anything happen before this video begins--that caused him to plow into that car ahead of him. (I saw the black hit the fender of Fields car as he drove by,about 3/4 way down the street).
On another topic,YouTube has surprisingly supportive views of Fields actions in the comments section.Check them out.
--GR Anonymous

jeigheff said...

When I first saw the second Youtube video, a young female Antifa thug gets creamed really bad by Fields' car going backwards. (Fields is a great driver, by the way. My driving skills going backwards suck, even when going really slow.) The young female Antifa is crushed between the car going in reverse and another parked car. When I heard that one of these people had been killed, I thought for sure that she was the lady who died, but I guess she wasn't. Her injuries look pretty serious as the video continues.

This same young lady who got crushed can be seen advancing on Fields' car (after it went forward) with some kind of stick weapon, right before it backs up at full speed. I had to look hard and pause the video, but there she is, trying to help her fellow thugs brutalize Fields. Seconds later, she suffers the consequences.

Anyone know who this gal is? The creamed Columbian thugette who lives in Houston supposedly wants to help other immigrants. This young lady's story should be interesting too.

I guess I sound cruel. Still, I'm curious. As I said yesterday, I can't help but wonder what these kids' parents think of what they're doing.

Anonymous said...

Question:What would happen if monuments to blacks were taken down,in the same manner as the Confederate one in N.C. was today?I assume the police would arrest any whites involved immediately.
Many of the people involved with today's statue toppling were WHITE!!!
I don't understand my race anymore.

jeigheff said...

Some people, like the white Antifa kids, want to be on what they think is the winning side, no matter what. I know too many people like this, especially at work.

Groups like Antifa must be cults. I believe Antifa's leadership is very good at beguiling the young white people which it corrupts.

Sarah Wilson said...

So correct me if I'm wrong, but the car was already rolling forward and picking up speed, a protester barely hit it *as it was moving forward*, and the driver *continued moving forward* until he caused a chain reaction that resulted in 19 injured and 1 dead.

Dude was clearly in the process of committing a premeditated crime. He wasn't stopped and then attacked and then lost his cool and sped forward. He was already speeding forward.

And hell yes, the protesters went after him after he plowed through the crowd. Anyone would have done the same thing, especially in the heat of the moment. They didn't want him to get away, which he certainly tried to do.

I fail to see how anyone other than the driver is responsible for this incident. If I'm wrong, I would like to see something other than the videos on your page, because they directly refute your claim of his victimhood, and verify the narrative that this was not a random accident.

And before you ignore my comment and dismiss it as yet another leftie, let me tell you that I have voted Libertarian in every election since I started voting, and I am equally critical of the right and the left, along with the mainstream media. If there is evidence to refute the official narrative, I am genuinely interested in seeing it. The videos you have provided do not fit that criteria.

Nicholas said...

Sarah Wilson,

Thanks for your input.

I already said my piece.

"He was already speeding forward."


Your "refutation" failed.

We're going to have to agree to disagree.

jeigheff said...

The presence of an agitated, violent leftist crowd illegally blocking traffic and looking for victims was a pretty big premeditated crime to begin with, if you ask me.