Tuesday, August 15, 2017

COINTELPRO II? Major Liberal Organizer “Encouraged Leftists to Dress Up as Ku Klux Klan Members”

By Reader-Researcher RC

Major Liberal Organizer "Encouraged Leftists To Dress Up As Ku Klux Klan Members"

Communists in cloaks and hoods... who knew?

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Glaivester said...

In particular, this, which I heard the audio of on NPR, strikes me as hinky:

Said Sean Patrick Nielsen, “I’m here because our Republican values are: standing up for our local white identity...which is under threat; the free market; and killing Jews.”

That does not sound to me like something even an antisemitic alt-rightist would say. If he were going to speak against Jews, he would probably accuse them of something rather than just talk about doing violence, second, I don't think most people in that frame of mind would be associating themselves with the Republican Party or be terribly concerned with the free market. It sounds almost more like what a leftist thinks any right-winger would say than what anyone I have ever seen would say.