Monday, August 28, 2017

Here’s Your Heartwarming, Cliché-Ridden, Hurricane Harvey Story Featuring Otis, the Lovable Mutt from Sinton, Texas! (Photoessay)


Tiele Dockens, who didn't live far from the Segovias, Otis' owners, saw Otis carrying the sack of dog chow down the road, shot this pic of him (which immediately went viral), and then followed him home, to make sure he wasn't lost

Otis reportedly carried home the sack of dog chow, lay it down on the family porch, and lay down for a rest. He is reportedly a "German Shepherd mix." My hunch is that the mix is with a golden retriever.

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Otis and his devoted master, Salvador Segovia, at home in Sinton, Texas

A less uplifting but all-too-real picture of Hurricane Harvey's destruction, in Rockport, Texas, not far from Sinton

At the Daily Mail.

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