Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, aka Fauxcahontas, Comes Out in Support of Communist Racial Violence!

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Anonymous said...

If that's her definition of murder,then Venus Williams has to go to jail.
If that's her definition of murder,then Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Gray should have gone to jail.Kaitlyn(Bruce)Jenner the same.
The big difference in all these automobile incidents?Black thugs were not chasing them with baseball bats,like they were chasing James Fields.This fact should give him MORE exculpatory reasons to not be charged.The celebrities had no excuses--Fields did.
One more thing.The latest video shows the blacks with baseball bats running from the same area Fields originally drove forward from.It's not farfetched at all to consider Fields was in danger as the video started.In my opinion,the end of the video leaves a reasonable doubt about what happened in the(unseen)first part.Let's see if political lynching wins out over the law.
--GR Anonymous