Friday, August 11, 2017

Intimidated Cops Almost Get Killed, Due to Mayor Bill De Blasio, Commissioner James O’Neill, and Bronx DA Darcel D. Clark’s War on the Police: Crazy Man Fires Repeatedly on Cops, Shooting One Three Times, Without Any Return Fire!

“A bulletproof vest saved the life of a city cop Thursday after a gunman fired several shots at the officer, then killed himself after making a stand in his Brooklyn home, police said.”

“Making a stand”? Either Daily News operatives Rocco Parascandola, Kerry Burke, John Annese and Denis Slattery, or one of their editors is portraying would-be cop-killer Andy Sookdeo as a hero….

“It was normal, then police just started arriving like crazy in less than a minute,” said Mayborlin Barrios, 29, who lives a block away. “People started to run around to leave the park because they got scared.”

So, the cops were the problem?

Meanwhile, the mother of the perp, who graciously killed himself, had misled the cops who arrived at the scene, telling them that her son was unarmed and non-violent. Her false information almost caused them to be murdered. The son had two guns, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

The reason the cops didn’t shoot back, not even wounded Officer Hart Nguyen, was that they knew that the city’s communist Mayor and his lapdog police commissioner would have destroyed their lives if they had.

When Sgt. Hugh Barry shot and killed crazy black woman Deborah Danner last year in self-defense (she was swinging a baseball bat at his head), de Blasio and O’Neill immediately violated his rights by lying about the shooting, in asserting that it was against NYPD guidelines, and Clark got a grand jury to indict him. Sgt. Barry has not yet gone to trial.

(It was the Daily News that exposed de Blasio and O’Neill’s lies, showing that the New York City Police Academy test said that Sgt. Barry was right, and they were wrong.)

Officer Hart Nguyen’s blood is on de Blasio, O’Neill, and Clark’s hands. And there is much more to come. Dead cops would bring joy to de Blasio and Clark’s lives. As for O’Neill, I don’t think he cares one way or the other, as long as his job is safe.

At the Daily News.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the cops should stand down on protecting Di Blasio.Or he should give up police protection voluntarily,as he prances around in public,espousing his ridiculous policy.Trust the public Bill--just like you're forcing the police
to do by restricting their right to defend themselves.
--GR Anonymous

Truth-hammer said...

I have no empathy for police in the U.S. They are all working for utterly cucked entities. They are totally disposable/expendable line items on some city budget. They are wasting their time and their lives in this cucked, corrupted JewSA. Thus, they are not worthy of even the slightest consideration.