Sunday, August 13, 2017

Portrait of a Killer: See the Man Responsible for the Bloodshed in Charlottesville


Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer

Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer, often misspelled (even within the same story) as “Singer,” violated the First Amendment rights of pro-white protesters, and aided, and abetted violent, racist, Communists who had gone to his city with murder in mind.

After Jason Kessler got a permit to demonstrate in a Charlottesville Park, in a “Unite the Right” rally. Mayor Signer violated it, by ordering the demonstration be moved out of the venue, Lee Park aka Emancipation Park. Kessler sued, arguing that the Mayor was guilty of viewpoint discrimination, and got an injunction from U.S. District Judge Glen Conrad, who agreed with Kessler, and which Signer/Singer reportedly agreed to abide by. Signer lied.

Signer committed contempt of court, in canceling the demonstration in advance Saturday. I have no doubt that he had intended to do so, all along.

He clearly supported the Communists terrorists who assaulted the Neo-Nazi/White Nationalist/Whatever demonstrators with spit, fists, kicks, tear gas grenades, home-made flamethrowers, aluminum baseball bats, bludgeons, knives, you name it.

It was just like the election campaign!

Mayor Signer left no doubt about his support for the racist, Communist terrorists, whose fans at VICE identified them as “Black Lives Matter demonstrators” and “counter demonstrators.”

The MSM identified the racist terrorists only as “counter-demonstrators.”

Signer had the police engage in hyper-policing against the legal demonstrators, and de-policing, regarding the terrorists. He ordered Charlottesville police chief Al Thomas to aggressively order the legal demonstrators to leave the park, or be arrested for illegal assembly. The police then forced the demonstrators to run a gauntlet of racist terrorists, while standing down regarding the latter.

Apparently, Mayor Signer and CPD Chief Thomas, assumed that, like elsewhere, the demonstrators would passively permit the terrorists to do with them as they pleased, up to and including incinerating and bludgeoning them to death.

Surprise, surprise: The N-N/WN/Ws were not interested in being martyred. Considering the world of Fake News/Media Evil/ Lügenpresse, it’s a good thing, too. The FN/ME/L would simply have twisted their deaths into a heroic victory for Communist slaughter.

As it is, the FN/ME/L have completely lied about the riot, including the New York Post.

Note that these are not “fog of war” errors.

The media are broadcasting and publishing the assertions of the terrorists (lies of commission), while engaging in de-reporting (lies of omission) regarding not just the claims of the demonstrators, but crimes by the terrorists that were photographed, and have been viewed around much of the world (not, for example, in Red China).

They are writing headlines, in which the violence was completely initiated by the pro-white demonstrators.

And when organizer Jason Kessler courageously stood and gave an open-air press conference today, on yesterday’s riot, police permitted Communists to repeatedly assault him, and New York Daily News operative Terence Cullen and whoever edited the thing gloated, lying that Kessler was “shouted down.”

“White nationalist ‘Unite the Right’ organizer flees Charlottesville news conference after he's shouted down by angry protesters.”

Cullen does not mention anywhere in his thing that any of Kessler’s attackers was arrested.

Yesterday, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, declared a state of emergency.

He did that, in order to further violate the rights of pro-white Americans.

There is a standard protocol for policing demonstrations, in which terrorists are likely to show up, riot, violently assault the demonstrators, and seek to shut down the legal demonstration.

The authorities amass a massive show of strength, with riot cops matching or exceeding the numbers of the expected rioters. The weaker the numbers of cops, and the more passive their behavior towards the rioters, the more emboldened the latter become.

The police form a barrier of men and shields, separating the two hostile groups. The police inform the respective crowds that anyone attempting to breach the barrier, or attack cops or their enemies, will immediately be arrested. (I realize that some police persons will be along for ego stroking and to participate in the overtime orgy, but they are irrelevant.)

Mayor Signer and Chief Thomas did nothing of the sort, supporting the terrorists, just as pro-terrorist authorities for the past year-and-a-half or so have had their men stand down at riots, which itself is a form of inciting a riot.

Signer and Thomas, along with the other pro-terrorist authorities, including Governor McAuliffe (State police were on hand for the violence, and were thus guilty of violating the demonstrators' civil rights, and of aiding and abetting the terrorists) need to be sued and criminally prosecuted. Will that happen? Not bloodly likely.

If obeying the law and using reason get the N-N/WN/Ws nowhere, then they are perfectly justified in using violence instead.

The System Revealed: Antifa, Virginia Politicians, and Police Work Together to Shut Down #UniteTheRight
By Charlottesville Survivor
August 12, 2017, 9:34 p.m.

The mask is off.

There can be no further delusions nor any more comforting lies. “America” and the supposed “freedoms” guaranteed by its Constitution are as relevant today as the Holy Roman Empire’s claims to sovereignty or the head of the House of Stuart boasting about being King of England.

In Charlottesville, Virginia, the police department openly attacked a demonstration in defense of European-American heritage. They did these despite the Unite The Right rally having secured a permit (after legal action) and having every right to host its peaceful demonstration in defense of the Robert E. Lee statue….

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Anonymous said...

So now white police officers are being told to go after legally authorized white protesters,while black counter-organizations--with no right to be there in those numbers--can disrupt,assault and cause threats to white lives,enough so that Mr.Fields had to drive a car through a busy street to avoid probable death by Louisville Slugger.Then Mr.Fields gets arrested.Any negroes with a baseball bat get picked up?Nahhh.Not in McAuliffeville,Virginia.Negroes get a free pass for one crime of their choice AND a "Stay Out of Jail Free" card.
Just like Monopoly--except in this game,white people can't possibly win.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"Signer had the police engage in hyper-policing against the legal demonstrators, and de-policing, regarding the terrorists."

YEP. One group had the permit and every right to march, protest and be where they were. And then they declared it an illegal march.

Anonymous said...

The overwhelming theme from(mostly white) government types over the weekend was "white supremacists should not exist."
President Trump,supposedly,should have SPECIFICALLY rebuked the whites on Friday and Saturday for assembling.
McAuliffe said,(to a black church)"Whites,leave our country."
Blacks?You can stay and drag our neighborhoods,cities and country down with your low IQ,work ethic and high crime rates.
Whites?The people that built this country--must leave UNLESS:You have the mindset which agrees that blacks be allowed free reign to destroy what we created and not criticize them for their failures and shortcomings.
As I've said before,these commentators DO NOT live near blacks,or they'd never utter such stupidity.Or maybe they would--they're politicians.
TV stations conveniently edited out footage of baseball bat wielding blacks in every story reported about Saturday's car death..
Why not?They're Mainstream Media and can push whatever fiction they want.The whole truth and nothing but the truth?Not on OUR television stations.
--GR Anonymous