Sunday, August 13, 2017

California: Black and Hispanic Legislators Demand that Gubernatorial Candidates Show Support for Racism

By Reader-Researcher RC

“The question of whether race should be considered in admissions to California’s colleges and universities was raised in recent weeks when the state’s Latino and black legislative caucuses sent a letter to the top six gubernatorial candidates.”

After dividing California Democrats in 2014, affirmative action resurfaces in the race for governor

Affirmative action, which has roiled ethnic alliances among California Democrats, is being raised in the governor’s race, injecting a potentially volatile racial element into the 2018 contest.

“The issue could be a hurdle in the governor’s race. Newsom, who is the front-runner in polling and fundraising, has staked out the most liberal positions among the Democratic candidates. But if Villaraigosa or Chiang make it to the general election and there is no GOP candidate standing, their paths to victory run through more conservative regions such as the Inland Empire and the Central Valley, where voters might be less likely to support affirmative action.”

N.S.: The article is by operatives Seema Mehta and Melanie Mason, who either don’t know that there is always a Republican candidate on the ballot, or don’t want their readers to know that.

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