Saturday, August 12, 2017

Was Alleged Charlottesville Murderer Just Trying to Save His Own Life?


A tip 'o that hate to the Freedom Fighter's Journal

Mug shot of James Alex Fields Jr., who was taken into custody today

By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance.


Anonymous said...

Being mobbed by another group of thugs. So he took off. Sure. Could be.

Anonymous said...

Wait until Lesta and the other BLM sympathizers on Negro Nightly News(on CNN,CBS,MSNBC etc)get hold of this on Monday.You wont believe the overwhelming anti-white verbiage and quick pronouncement of white guilt by Judge Holt,unless you hear it.Stay tuned--as they say.It's going to be enlightening to see how biased the networks really are against whites.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

New video shows Charlottesville car and driver being attacked with baseball bats before backing up.

Just like the Rodney King video, where the media purposely edited out the parts that showed King attacking the police, in order to promote a racist white cops/black victim narrative that instigated the LA race riots and the lynching of 50 innocent people and the violent assaults of many more.

Here is an alternate view not being shown by the MSM, that shows the car from the rear just before it backed up to get out of there.

Something was happening to the car and driver that the MSM doesn't want the public to see. Like the car being swarmed and attacked by violent Leftist protestors using aluminum baseball bats (deadly weapons) to get to the driver, and likely beat him to death, if he had given them the opportunity. Instead he apparently chose to leave and save himself.

Anonymous said...

Good post anonymous.He had ample(gang related)reason to back up.