Monday, August 21, 2017

USS John McCain Collides with Merchant Ship; Search and Rescue Underway; 15 Sailors Either Wounded or Missing


The U.S.S. Caine, er, McCain

By Reader-Researcher R.C.

"USS John McCain collides with merchant ship; search and rescue underway
"Search and rescue effort underway, Navy says."

Appropriate for its namesake.

At ABC13.


Glaivester said...

Technically speaking, it's named after his father and grandfather.

Anonymous said...

This ship represents the kind of Navy the US has now. Dumb downed naval officers, many who were in the Naval academy because they are females or so called minorities that go on to command high performance naval weapons, in this case a ship so aptly named. John McCane graduated from the Naval academy simply because his father and grandfather were admirals. McCane still only squeaked by. He lost five planes as a navy pilot including the one he rode to the Hanoi Hilton. He caused a fire on board the ship he was assigned to during the Vietnam WAR that killed or injured over 165 sailors. This incident here is fitting indeed and the ship as I stated so aptly named.

Anonymous said...

Must have a tumor. But seriously,how can this happen--besides minority eff-up.

jeigheff said...

Hitler watched how miserably the Soviets fought against the Finns in 1940. Then he decided to attack the Soviet Union in 1941.

Our enemies must be watching these incidents closely.