Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Fox News Anchor Eric Bolling Condemned Heroic, Brilliant, Trump Policy Advisor Stephen Miller: “Don't put that guy in front of cameras again”

By Nicholas Stix

This was just before Bolling was suspended, based on a new assertion by tenured feminist Caroline Heldman and some other, anonymous feminists, all of whom were organized in a conspiracy to extort millions of dollars out of Fox by feminist-racist shyster and DPUSA propagandist (e.g., the Trayvon Martin Hoax) Lisa Bloom, that Bolling had engaged in lewd behavior towards them (in 2011!).

Bolling’s problems with feminists notwithstanding, his attack on Stephen Miller was beneath contempt. I’ve admired Bolling for the past year or so, based on his appearances on the Fox show, The Five, but his attack on Miller was Bush League, the sort of thing you might expect from a Richard Painter or a John McCain.

I no longer watch The Five, because it’s now terrible. It used to be entertaining thanks to the interplay of Bolling and Greg Gutfeld, but Bolling has left, Gutfeld has deteriorated, and new addition Jesse Watters lacks the sardonic humor he shows in his street videos and hosting duties elsewhere. Gutfeld’s own show has become boring, weighed down as it is with pc Republicans like Katherine Timpf, who also helps make Fox’ new show, The Specialists unwatchable.

At Fox News, only Tucker Carlson is must-see TV. We also intermittently watch Sean Hannity, and occasionally Bret Baier and Martha McCollum.

(Baier rose in my estimation, based on a special he wrote and hosted last year on Ike. The special derived from a book he had written on the General. Baier closed with a statement from Dwight David Eisenhower, whose meaning could not possibly have been misunderstood: Ike said that with every act he committed as president, he always asked himself if it served the interests of the American people. That was at the end of eight years of a criminal, illegal president, who seemed to ask himself always if an act would harm the American people, and act accordingly.)

Eric Bolling seems to have joined the McCain/Graham wing of the GOP.

While I believe that it was a masterstroke for President Trump to have Stephen Miller do a press briefing, in order, I believe, to lure Jim Acosta into trying to sucker-punch him, so that Miller could deliver a First Round KO of him, I am also convinced that Trump does not know his own mind, and has honor issues. He is thoroughly capable of responding to press and RINO attacks on Miller by publicly attacking Miller—as he has Miller’s old boss, AG Jeff Sessions—or even by firing him, as he did Anthony Scaramucci, after the latter did exactly what I believe Trump had suckered him into doing.

I wish Eric Bolling all the best, in his struggle against feminist shakedown/takeover artists, and in restoring his own character.

Meanwhile, the destruction of News Corp, the company founded by Rupert Murdoch, by Murdoch’s cowardly, pc sons, James and Lachlan, continues apace.

[At The Hill.]

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