Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Increasingly PC Fox News Reports What It Shouldn’t Have, While Refusing to Report the Most Important Facts about Kidnapped Coed Who Freed Herself, and Thus Escaped Gang-Rape and Murder!


Jordan escaped...

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom didn't

A friend writes,
I know we have all been reading about her. This FOX report does not disclose that the Congoid trio were targeting whites. Especially noteworthy is that she would have been raped and murdered if she had been driving a car w/automatic transmission. The Congoids didn’t know how to drive a manual transmission. Very lucky escape.


Nor did Eve Carson

N.S.: Previous reports refrained from reporting the vic’s last name, while some of them did report that the crime spree was entirely racially motivated.

They would have turned yet another white coed into a tortured, gang-raped, murdered, Channon Christian. [“Kidnapped woman gets away after abductors can't operate stick shift.”]


Mug shot of suspected war criminal Raquan Green


Anonymous said...

Negro men have an amazing and overwhelming preoccupation with whitey women. Take them captives as would a slave trader or a pirate of olden times. Use to satisfy their lust. This women is lucky she did get away. How many others do not! The colored are a terribly troubled people who commit crimes for which there is no equivalent among the whitey.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
When I saw a commercial for this on TV I wanted to throw a brick through the screen. NBC is planning to feature the Melendez Bros. in not just an episode of Law & Order but an 8 episode series based on the crime.

Never mind their latino sounding surname, these guys are white and yesterday's news white criminals are being relentlessly pounded into our consciousness in order to detract away from so many current vile negro killers. It doesn't matter how many negroes commit matricide, patricide, child murder, serial or mass kill they always escape the media attention that gets lavished on white killers. This Melendez series is on the heels of yet another movie and TV series about Charles Manson and another movie (in a long line) about Ted Bundy. Not even to mention the Hannibal franchise that churns out a movie every few years that features a composite serial killer character based on various white serial killers from the past. You'll never see a movie about Lonnie Franklin jr., a black serial killer that may have killed 200 women or Eugene Coral Watts, a black serial killers who (like Franklin) killed more women than Gary Ridgeway or Ted Bundy. You'll never see a movie about Marcus Wesson, a black cult leader to raped and murdered his own daughters, or Harrison Graham, a black cannibalistic necrophiliac who sexually tortured women in his apt. then lived with their bodies. Arrested about the same time as Dahmer, Graham was ignored by the media while white man Dahmer was turned into a superstar. Other than an occasional insipid and low key documentary or rare token appearance on a TV crime show you won't see black portrayed in those ways. The band plays on.

David In TN said...

Had she not escaped, her fate might have combined (carjacked, ATM withdrawal, gang rape and murder) those of Channon Christian and Eve Marie Carson.

BTW I learned to drive on a manual transmission.

Anonymous said...

"NBC is planning to feature the Melendez Bros. in not just an episode of Law & Order but an 8 episode series based on the crime."

"Never mind their latino sounding surname, these guys are white"

Sure is the case. Whitey is an evil criminal committing the most terrible crimes all the time. Most crime is whitey crime. You see it on TV so must be so.

David In TN said...

We need to keep up with the Jordan Dinsmore case and see how it plays out in the courts. Since she wasn't killed, the juveniles will escape almost completely.