Sunday, August 06, 2017

Feminist Conspiracy: Fox News Suspends Host Eric Bolling, Pending Investigation, After Several Anonymous Feminists and Feminist Professor Accuse Him of Lewd Behavior… Six Years Ago? Who’s the Ringleader?

By Nicholas Stix

This is a conspiracy organized by a feminist lawyer. How do I know this? How else could all of these women suddenly come to contact Fox News at the same time, with the same charge, about something that supposedly happened six years ago? Another individual had to organize them, and that individual would logically be a feminist shyster. Also, we know that Fox News has already been targeted by such conspiracies by feminists and blacks in the past year or so. Who led the feminists? Lisa Bloom, feminist shyster and DPUSA propagandist, who also wrote a book promoting the Trayvon Martin Hoax.

And guess who Heldman’s lawyer is? That’s right—Lisa Bloom, who is the daughter of notorious feminist propagandist/shyster, Gloria Allred. Heldman is also part of the pack of “victims” of “sexual harassment,” at the hands of Bill O’Reilly, who got him fired by News Corp Boss Rupert Murdoch’s cowardly sons, James and Lachlan.

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Anonymous said...

I just posted a comment on this.Same group that tried to get Trump.Anyone accused of these incidents by Bloom,Allred etc,should NOT resign.O'Reilly shouldn't have.FOX needs to dig up dirt on Lesta and the crew,if that's the way the liberals want to play.I'm sure Lesta is not a saint in that aspect of life--I'm guessing there are women at NBC,with similar stories as are proliferating around FOX personalities.
It's the only way to fight fire.

Anonymous said...

Gloria and I guess her daughter famous for civil suits on the behalf of those victimized by civil rights violations so called. Except if you are a whitey.