Saturday, August 05, 2017

Mass Murder in Akron: Black Man Charged in Arson Murder of Interracial Couple and Their Five Children

By Nicholas Stix

At Narrative Collapse.


Anonymous said...

Ford needed to he recalled long before his crime.He probably thought the white woman gave it out to all blacks,got po'ed when she said no to him,and torched the place (as blacks love to do).
If you hang around with blacks (and you're white),your risk of robbery,rape,introduction to drugs AND drug addiction and finally,death increases.Even a white woman like this suffered an unexpected demise because of her proximity to blacks.
The lesson needs to be learned.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

This is a death penalty case and Ohio does have the death penalty. Racial animosity too toward the white woman maybe be a factor but that remains to be determined. Killing of minors is also an aggravated offense. This bad guy needs to be executed but because of his age will probably never see the chair [or get the needles].

Anonymous said...

"The lesson needs to be learned."

The lesson is never learned. "I am going to be OK, Reggis is a cool guy. Reggie is with it!!" I can hear it now.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
That's the likeliest possibility, he hit on the white bitch and she rebuffed him so he practiced some black vengeance. When I saw the headlines I thought it would was going to be a white man with a black wife. Black men hate it when black women choose white male partners, though the common belief is that it's only white men that are jealous of black men and white women, there's never any acknowledgement that black men are way more racist in their attitudes toward that kind of "race mixing". I remember the Pietrzak murders, a group of black marines murdered a white man and his black wife, they wrote racial slurs which proved their race bias but the murder was never treated as a "hate crime". There was also the Brian Milligan attack, a young white man was nearly beaten to death by racist blacks because he had a black girlfriend, not racist hate crime there either, according to police, media and society in general. There are many of these kind of racist hate atatcks but they are ignored, they're always waiting for a white man to act out violently toward interracial couples, but it almost never seems to happen.

Anonymous said...

"there's never any acknowledgement that black men are way more racist in their attitudes toward that kind of 'race mixing'".

Black men attacking whitey men with malicious and racist intent is usually considered a "robbery gone bad".

"The matter is investigated and all the facts have not been gathered." "We are not sure exactly [you are never exactly sure] what happened."

Etc. To infinity.