Wednesday, August 03, 2016

NBC “News” is Using the Same Propaganda Methods Against Donald Trump that It Has been Using Against White Policemen

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 5:25:00 P.M. EDT

I wrote this last night [Monday] right after NBC’s “news” program.

I might as well rant about Negro Nightly News tonight as Lesta Holt couldn't wait to slam Trump for the Khan “controversy.” PCNBC is not even attempting to be anything but anti-Trump anymore. The pattern:

1) Show Trump talking about a subject.

2) Show everyone that's against him (and in detail). Today Warren Buffett called Trump out on taxes.

3) Don't give equal time to Trump.

In many ways, it's similar to the reporting that the Negro Broadcasting Company has unprofessionally executed in its coverage of blacks shot by white cops.

1) Show the black video
2) Show everyone that's against the video (in an incited state).
3) Don't show the police's side.

What the hell happened to network news?

At the end of the newscast was another phony race story, that said in its tease, “Matt Damon's upcoming movie is causing controversy with people of color.”

The Great Wall comes out next year, and an Asian actress on the classic [?] comedy, Fresh Off The Boat, is screaming that Damon, as a white person, shouldn't be in this movie—even though the Chinese director chose him. “It's racist,” she screamed.

No, you are, Ms. Wu (I believe is her name), and so is Lesta Holt. Fire him.


Anonymous said...

Obama blames Trump for Iran Ransom Deal.Media Believes it.
(NBCBS)At the Pentagon today,President Obama,feeling like he can say anything,and the media will believe it,said the 400 million dollars paid to Iran was negotiated by Donald Trump and
that HE had nothing to do with it.
"Blame Trump",said Obama."It's his baby".
While reporters scribbled furiously and nodded their heads,Obama continued,"Can the American people trust a man who would pay blackmail money to Iran for hostages?I think not."
Hillary Clinton echoed Obama at a rally today."This is a new low for Mr.Trump,and continues to show why he is not capable of leading this nation".
Trump,on Twitter,called Obama and Clinton,"liars",which the media,by voice vote decided not to report anymore.
"We're for Clinton",said Lester Holt,"and no matter what she does that 's illegal,we're not reporting it.So Eff yourself Trump fans".
Holt continued the onslaught on his Negro Nightly News tonight,with story of Trump talking about the Iran deal..."and being wrong factually about what he's saying".Plus,another Melania Trump story--that she was(get this)an illegal alien!
Hard to know where fiction and facts begin and end.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

As I posted elsewhere on this site,Holt showed the ONeal video from Chicago today.Just as I listed it here...1..2..3.Quite a formula they have.