Monday, August 29, 2016

Hillary's Health: See the Most Controversial Video on the Internet! People are Losing Their Jobs, and Fearing for Their Lives Over It


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“Censorship Alert: Huffington Post ‘Disappears’ Writer David Seaman for Linking to Video Questioning Hillary's Clinton’s Health, Killing Links to All of His HP Articles!”

The Truth About Hillary's Bizarre Behavior


Published on Aug 4, 2016 by Paul Joseph Watson.

Hillary's bizarre behavior and strange seizures: Is she having a breakdown or does she actually have brain damage?

I asked mental health experts about her strange outbursts that have been caught on camera.


Anonymous said...

I've seen that video before.Others have a black "doctor" nearby with a special syringe in case of some kind of epileptic fit.He 's been seen lately in various videos,including when someone rushed the podium she was at,and another video clip of her walking down a hallway,with the syringe openly seen in the black guys hand.Looks like both Clintons appear pretty well shot,healthwise.Difficult to guess which one goes first.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

This REALLY needs to be clarified before the election. If she is ill then she should not even be running. We need a sane and healthy person controlling the nuclear go codes. Hillary would tell you that herself.

Those strange head motions combined with the weird eye movements seem to suggest something is wrong.

Anonymous said...

"a black 'doctor' nearby with a special syringe in case of some kind of epileptic fit."

This sounds like one of those Hollywood dramatic television programs. ONLY the negro doctor can properly diagnose and treat the illness. The whitey interns always make the wrong diagnosis and administer the wrong remedy. YEP!