Monday, August 15, 2016

“Honor Killing” Confession: Ex-Husband Admits to Murdering Samia Shahid in Pakistan



By Reader-Researcher RC

Samia Shahid murder: Ex-husband admits “honor killing” of British woman in Pakistan

The ex-husband of a British woman who was the victim of an alleged 'honour killing' in Pakistan has admitted strangling her to death.



Anonymous said...

We have to be careful when saying "British woman". Yes, the Muslim woman was born in England qualifies to have British nationality and passport but that hardly makes her "British".

Anonymous said...

Attractive woman. But she needed to cover her face in the Islamic fashion. A man might see that picture and think she is an attractive woman.

Anonymous said...

They have so much honor those people. So much. An overwhelming amount. Just so honorable.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The diversity fanatics would have us believe that these are aberrant acts in the Muslim communities but it's actually quite common, plus we only hear of the extreme cases that result in death, many women are beaten or disfigured and we don't hear about most of those. You also have to consider that most females are terrified to act outside of the strictures of the Muslim ideology and stay wrapped up in their chadors and only marry who their father wants them to marry, even if it's an 80 year old man. If more women starting rebelling I have no doubt the body count would skyrocket. Of course those same diversity fanatics will tell us we have to respect their "culture" without giving us any kind of parameters as to what that really means.
Note that the entire family was complicit in covering up the crime, it's also often other relatives and people in the community who follow the "don't snitch" code. Remind you of a certain racial group right here in the US that won't give up it's rapists and murderers to "da cops" coz they got a code to follow? Great, just what we need. More of them.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx

For your perusal folks: THE GREAT WHITE DEFENDANT!

What is the "Great White Defendant"?

First, he is a white man. Secondly he must have committed some sort of crime that makes for lurid headlines. Thirdly they like him to be somebody in an upper income category (preferably). Fourth, he must be white...had to repeat that, it's the most important thing.

All major media outlets give him sensational headlines but in addition, there are relentless follow up stories that analyze him down to the minutest detail trying to insinuate his "whiteness" is somehow a source of his evil. This news coverage must go on for months, if not years until his face and crime are seared on our minds. TV crime shows like NCIS, Law & Order and Criminal Minds immediately start cranking out scripts based on the evil rich white man (usually some kind of sex criminal) with negro cops lurking around protecting the poor white women from those evil white rapists.

What triggered me writing this is spotting a headline on AOL about Owen Labrie, the New Hampshire St. Paul's school "rapist". This story was relentlessly covered by the media but seemed to have tailed off recently and since no white school rapists have had the courtesy to emerge (though I've seen stories about black school rapists) the media decided that we needed to be reminded about him again (and his whiteness). A link to the story is below, it seems to have something to do with the victim being compelled to reveal her name, I don't know for sure I could barely read it, it was written in a tortured way that screams: Why is this article even in the news?
Remember Ethan Couch, the "Affluenza" Great White Defendant. His story just preceded the Labrie Owen story and followed the same pattern, well to do kid kills 4 in car accident, tries to run and becomes a crime celebrity with the help of blanket media coverage. Even if you don't remember some of the details like his name you remember he was white, had money and killed somebody. That's what the media wants you to remember.

What is the converse of the Great White Defendant? Well, OJ notwithstanding, there is no such thing, as far as the media is concerned. It doesn't matter how many black men sexually assault white women, or commit horrifying murders the media isn't going to sensationalize their stories, it doesn't turn black criminals into media superstars and if TV crime show write scripts about them they will likely change the race of the perps to white men.

Check out these FBI stats to get an idea of just how much more rape black men commit than white men. It's astounding but don't expect the mainstream media to ever report on it.