Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fox News’ Carl Cameron Lies About U.S. Immigration Law

By Nicholas Stix

On Tuesday, Cameron “reported” on Republican nominee Donald Trump’s position on illegal aliens, “He said he’s going to use existing law, which is to say, [deport] persistent lawbreakers.”

The idea that existing law stipulates that the government must only deport “persistent lawbreakers” is a complete fabrication. No such law exists.

Apparently, Cameron was trying to make it sound as though Trump had previously called for action that went beyond federal immigration law, which would have made it illegal, and had now ratcheted back his planned policy to one in conformity with the law. Nonsense. According to federal immigration law, all aliens found illegally on American soil are subject to deportation.

I can only figure that Cameron is what I have dubbed an amnestisiac, who was projecting his political preferences on the law.

If Carl Cameron supports a mass amnesty for up to 50 million illegal aliens, which would result in at least 200 million, when one adds their real and phony relatives who would come here through chain migration, plus all the children the 200 million would have here, and the trillions of dollars and democide the over 500 million new citizens (amnestied illegals + chain migration relatives + American-born children) would cost Americans, then he should say so, instead of lying about the law. He’s supposed to be a reporter, after all.


Anonymous said...

Not much reporting going on lately.
On another topic.
True or False:
There's a movie about the Obama's first date,coming to a theater near you.
Unbelievably --it's true.I flipped Seth Meyer on,because Deniro was a guest (who was shocking,when came out.I thought Gabby Hayes had made a reincarnated comeback.)After that interview0,a commercial for this Obama bioflick.
"Southside Near You",showed quick scenes,including some lips locking.Strange concept.Prez as sex hound.
This brought to mind other presidents and their amorous adventures and potential movies.
JFK and Marilyn Monroe starring in,"Some Like it Hot 2".
LBJ and Alice Glass in,"North Dallas 69".
Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham in,"Let's Make a Deal".
Bill Clinton and Paula Jones,Juanita Brodderick,Jennifer Flowers,Monica Lewinsky and Barbara Streisand starring in,"With Six (Or Sex),You Get Eggroll".
Of course,the point is,why make a movie about B.O's romantic exploits at all?Jeeesh.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"when one adds their real and phony relatives who would come here through chain migration, plus all the children"

Correct. Besides the illegal alien and an illegal alien husband and wife then the parents, the siblings, those that live with the couple in the old country also become eligible to enter the U.S. for "family reunification".

That tens of millions become instantly MANY tens of millions.

Anonymous said...

First it will be persistent law breakers committing felonies.

Then persistent law breakers committing serious felonies.

Then persistent law breakers committing numerous serious felonies.

Etc. On and on and on.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Two nuns have been murdered in Durant, Mississippi, no details have been released except police think it was a robbery (we'll see). I saw one report that said they had been stabbed to death, another they were shot, I don't know which is true. They were both white. Not to jump to conclusions here but I'm getting that feeling I know at least one detail about the perp or perps. I could be wrong about that because once in a while I am wrong...once in a while. As usual, the comments have more substance than the actual news report.

Anonymous said...

You're probably right...saw the news reports and the COPS are black.Good indicator.

Anonymous said...

NBC(Negro Broadcasting Company),gives the damn Obama movie rave reviews,btw."A portrait of two 'attractive' people,turns into a fine love story".
I guess,there's not much good material to make movies about,anymore.It's propaganda-pure and simple.Trying to humanize the guy,who along with Clinton,wants to ruin this country.The lines have no longer blurred between media and government---they've DISAPPEARED!A movie about the president--while he's in office!Amazing.