Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Racist, Fake Reporting Tease from NBC Nightly News’ Lester Holt, Who Doesn’t Do Real Reporting on Race


Was McKenna Hilton a war crime victim?

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Lesta Holt interrupted my dinner tonight with a tease for his Negro Nightly News, in about 30 minutes from now.

His headline? “Why Donald Trump’s bid to win black votes, may be falling flat.”

Two thoughts: How would Holt know anything at this point? It’s only been a week of concerted effort by Trump to get the blacks to hear him out.

Secondly, and probably the truth: I can see why the blacks would want to stick with crooked, lying Hillary. Those are qualities blacks can relate to. She’s probably their hero.

Other minor update on the 16-year-old, half-brother nig, who killed his white half-sister. He was charged with murder, as an adult. Savon Schmus will be formally charged Thursday. No details yet of a motive or cause of death.

I’ll say... the cause of death was the girl had to live in a human zoo. Wish I could download the pics I saw of this messed up family. Big, fat blacks posing with this girl. It would turn your stomach, just like mine did.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at 6:25:00 P.M. EDT

N.S. (Wednesday, August 24, 2016, 5:29 a.m.): “Why Donald Trump’s bid to win black votes, may be falling flat.”

Lester Holt and every other sentient being in America above the age of 18 knows that the answer is that in presidential (and most other) elections, blacks always vote over 90% Democrat. It’s the height of dishonesty for Holt or anyone else to act as if Trump is doing something wrong. Ninety-percent of blacks are racist to the bone, and the Democrat Party is the vehicle of their political racism.

Trump’s only hope with blacks is to give them reasons for staying home on Election Day. Blacks are not excited about voting for a white woman, any white woman, unless she’s married to a black man.

The two closest elections in New York City history pitted Rudy Giuliani against racist socialist David Dinkins, in 1989 and 1993. Dinkins won in 1989, thanks to the black and cemetery voting blocs. I thought Giuliani’s political career was still-born, but he somehow managed to eke out a victory against Dinkins in 1993, for which blacks never forgave him, through white Democrats crossing the aisle to vote for him. Giuliani thanked whites by doing nothing for them.

When Giuliani ran for re-election in 1997, blacks still voted 90% Democrat, but tens of thousands of blacks who had voted for Dinkins stayed home, and Giuliani beat socialist, Jewish Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messenger in a landslide.

Murder suspect and possible war criminal, Savon Schmus


Anonymous said...

They always say that. Negroes vote at least 90 % for the Democrat. What they mean to say is 99.9 % for the Democrat and that one in one-thousand vote for the Republican was cast in error.


Anonymous said...

C'mon Savon. Get a goin' now ya'll. On your way to prison that is. You can be a real gangbanger there.

Strangled his half-sister and for what reason? Probably no real reason.

Anonymous said...

Savon! For some reason blacks like names with "von" in the name. Like Trayvon, Cleavon, etc.

Anonymous said...

Update on this:According to court records,black thug,Savon Schmus admitted totally to strangling white half sister,McKenna Hilton,in his fathers apartment.He then took the body and dumped it elsewhere.I wonder if they go through with a trial--so we can all find out the racial,sexual reason he killed her,and give a lesson to other white women concerning the black mindset.Or if he pleas,as it appears--no trial and no facts.Tomorrow:The Arraignment.
-GR Anonymous