Tuesday, August 30, 2016

To Donald Trump: Stop Disheartening Your Supporters, and Allowing the Enemy to Start Tearing at the Weakness! Glaivester: Five Points on How Trump Should Handle Questions About Deporting Illegal Aliens

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Trump and Deportations
By Glaivester
Sunday, August 28, 2016

A few points on the best way to respond to questions about "deporting 11 million" that Trump flubbed so badly recently:

First, never indicate that anyone will definitely be legalized. It disheartens supporters and allows the enemy to start tearing at the weakness.

Second, always shift the discussion to the non-sympathetic cases - not just the criminals, but those who are on welfare or otherwise are a detriment to our society. Do not get suckered into talking about people whom your emotions will tell you we have to let stay, but about those whom most people will demand be deported. However, never imply that you are limiting deportations only to the cases that you mention.

Third, emphasize the logic of attrition through enforcement - point out that seriously enforcing employment laws will cause many illegal aliens to leave; seriously enforcing welfare restrictions will do the same. Even deportations will have a multiplier effect, because once we are serious about deportations, a significant number will leave on their own. Emphasizing this will blunt the impact of the "you can't round up 11 million people" line. But do not hint at it - specifically note that enforcing the laws will cause many to leave without being deported.

Fourth, emphasize the deportation of recent visa overstayers - make the point that a large portion of illegal aliens did not come here illegally, but rather stayed here illegally. Talk about deporting those people, and associate the idea of a deportation force with a group of people who coordinate such removals.

Fifth, shift the discussion about the sympathetic cases to the future. "Listen, perhaps there are some cases of people who are beneficial to the country and who have been here a long time, and we can work with those people - but before we do any of that, we need to get a handle on the people who are not beneficial to this country - and there are a lot more of those than the media would have you believe. Before we determine what to do with these sympathetic cases, we must first remove the non-sympathetic ones - violent criminals first, but then lesser criminals, people who are receiving government benefits - the idea that the vast majority of illegal aliens are good guys and we only need to remove a few bad apples - there are lots of bad apples. But we'll get rid of them first; then we can see whether or not anyone who is left gets to stay."

That is all.


Anonymous said...

If Trump can con a few percent of any of these groups to vote for him--great.He needs as many votes from blacks,Mex and soccer moms as possible.The soccer moms thinking has become so convoluted(because of the constant media propaganda),that the overarching important issue of this election is being lost on them,and that is:
Not allowing the continued decline of America.That's it.
Trump has to walk a fine line,because whites have become saddled with guilt about things they shouldn't be guilty about.I'm not guilty or ashamed of wanting this country to be less amenable to minority issues.The guilt by whites--is KILLING this country.The guilt lets Democrats continue their plan to disable and neutralize the white society.Hillary Clinton is not for white America,and white women have to see that.We owe blacks nothing.We owe the country that was--and could be--a vote for Trump.
--GR Anonymous

Glaivester said...

A recent comment by a Trump advisor said "Secure the border first. Then we can have a conversation on what to do with the undocumented years from now."

Sounds like he is taking my advice. Talk about enforcement, put off discussing the illegals until later. Don'r promise them anything.

Anonymous said...

"Secure the border first. Then we can have a conversation on what to do with the undocumented years from now."

NO! The two issues must be done immediately and simultaneously. Secure the border and get rid of the illegals.

All of them too. When you begin splitting hairs you end up with a situation that a pretty good percentage of the illegals will FIND a way to stay.