Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bottomless Evil: Four Blacks Charged with Murder, for Brutally Beating, Breaking the Bones, and then Burning Alive Elderly, White, Georgia Woman, Dorothy Dow, 83


War crime victim Dorothy Dow

By David in TN

An 83-year old white woman, Dorothy Dow, was attacked in her home and set on fire on August 4. She died on Saturday.

I recall about 5-6 years ago when writing about a beating at a Baltimore area McDonald's, you wrote that your blog has to "deal with this garbage on a daily basis." Well, it gets worse and worse, doesn't it? Burning elderly white people alive has become a fad, of sorts. The bottom is never reached.

UPDATE: 4 charged with murder in home invasion, brutal assault of elderly GA woman
By Tanita Gaither, Digital Content Director
Monday, August 29th 2016, 1:31 p.m. EDT
Updated: Monday, August 29th 2016, 5:13 p.m. EDT

MERIWETHER COUNTY, GA (WTVM) – Four suspects involved in the brutal assault of an elderly Grantville woman have had their charges upgraded to murder.

Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith reported that his agency has filed murder charges related to the home invasion and assault of Dorothy Dow, 83, on Aug. 4.

Dow died from her injuries on Aug. 27 at an Atlanta hospital.

“Mrs. Dow put forth a valiant effort to recover from the injuries that she sustained not only immediately after the assault but in the days preceding while she was under medical care. Due to the death of Mrs. Dow our agency has obtained additional charges against four of the suspects in custody related to this heinous crime.

Dow sustained two broken arms, lacerations to her face and head, and broken fingers in addition to the third-degree burns on her back and head. Despite the injuries, she extinguished the flames herself with a jug of water kept near her bed for her oxygen machine, crawled to her living room where her cell phone was and called 911.

Law enforcement said she was able to make a positive identification of the suspects before being placed into a medically-induced coma.

Dow’s body was released to the Meriwether County Coroner’s Office, Coroner Johnny Worley, for transport to the GBI Crime Lab for an autopsy.

“Our agency has been in communication with our District Attorney’s Office related to these upgraded and additional charges being filed in this case investigation,” Smith said.

Smith said four of the five suspects listed are being charged with the additional offenses of one count each felony murder and malice murder. These charges are in addition to the previous charges that they have previously been booked [sic].

  • Justin Peirce Grady, 38, of Grantville, GA. Grady is being charged additionally for the offenses of Felony Murder and Malice Murder, 1 count each.   
  • Cortavious Deshun Heard, 18, of Hogansville, GA. Heard is being charged additionally for the offenses of Felony Murder and Malice Murder, 1 count each.   
  • Mina Christine Ellery, 17, of Newnan. Ellery is being charged additionally for the offenses of Felony Murder and Malice Murder, 1 count each.   
  • Angel Latrice Harmon, 17, of Newnan. Harmon is being charged additionally for the offenses of Felony Murder and Malice Murder, 1 count each.   

All of the above individuals are being held in jail without bond.

Another person, Shanquavious Cameron, 17, was arrested in connection with an Aug. 2 robbery of Dow's home. [So, he robbed her on August 2, and then brought back his villainous friends to murder her, two days later?! Allegedly, of course. But in that case, Cameron should be up for Conspiracy to Commit Murder in the First Degree.]

Grady and Heard previously worked in the blueberry fields next to Dow's home and helped the family during harvest seasons.

“Please keep the Dow Family in your thoughts, prayers and give them the respect that they deserve as they grieve the death of their loved one,” Smith said. “Our agency through coordination with our district attorney’s office will be pursuing the prosecution of those responsible for this heinous crime to the fullest extent of the law.”

No funeral arrangements have been made at this time.


Suspected war criminals, l-r: Shanquavious Cameron, Justin Grady, Cortavous Heard, Mina Christine Ellery and Angel Latrice Harmon 


Anonymous said...

That woman,Dorothy Dow, signifies what "Made America Great".Courage,persistance,a will to live and not relying on anyone else.She could not defeat the "New America",that is transforming itself--right before our eyes.
ALL these stories,whenever they occur,need to be reported-no yelled from a microphone--at full volume.They,instead are hidden from mainstream.You don't see this in USA Today or the Negro Nightly News.
Some reality must be exposed.Questions need to be asked about blacks and their predilection to these kinds of horrific crimes.Just this week alone,2 nuns were savagely murdered.Add that to the record murders in Chicago and those elsewhere that do not get the publicity they deserve.
A couple weeks ago,2 blacks were trying to repair a ghetto house in GR on Alexander st.Three black teenagers drove up on bikes and opened fire,killing one,by blowing his head off,the other had injuries that he survived.No arrests.
I believe there's massive inborn sociopathy--mental defects in blacks--that occur only in blacks,that cannot be treated or prevented.Up to 50%.It seems to be a natural phenomenon.Just as their learning abilities are much less proficient,so is their criminal aptitude MORE proficient.
As some animals are natural born killers and some are tame,you don't allow the vicious ones to walk outside a cage,in a zoo.Neither should blacks,who display the symptoms of antisocial behavior.But this will never be addressed,because if it was found to be true--what would need to be done,is well beyond the problem solving ability of this country--increasingly run by blacks themselves.
I talked to a black janitor at the YMCA I go to--talked to him yesterday,in fact.I told him there was a heroin bust a block away from my house.He HATES lazy blacks.He HATES criminal blacks.
He said,"You better watch out,because when heroin gets in your neighborhood,the break-ins are next.They'll wait until you leave your house and break in".He went on to say that most blacks want a free ride and that they are the reason Grand Rapids is turning into one big ghetto.
I agreed and quickly went back to working out.Didn't want to be away from the house too long.R.I.P Dorothy Dow.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

A death penalty case if there ever was one. All should be found guilty and executed. Doubt that will happen but it should.

This is a crime that is particular to the negro and their dirty war being waged against whites. Attacks on white elderly with no mercy. NOT something that EVER occurs with a whitey attacking an elderly colored person.

Attacks of this sort also indicative of an extreme cowardice.

If you are colored person and read this, and know of a white attacking an elderly negro with intention to kill, please respond.

Anonymous said...

The blacks in that local community should have taken matters into their own hands, found and lynched the perpetrators. That was also customary during the lynching era. Blacks hanging their own miscreants is a certain percentage of those hung.

Kyra said...

I hope those 2 bitches fry. Or whatever cocktail they're using these days for the death penalty.

jeigheff said...

Calling Mrs. Dow a war crime victim and calling the perps war criminals is appropriate. When I look at the faces of Mrs. Dow's torturers/murderers, I realize that these people are not our countrymen.

Anonymous said...

"When I look at the faces of Mrs. Dow's torturers/murderers, I realize that these people are not our countrymen."

Those three bucks appear to be total African without a drop of white admixture.

Anonymous said...

This crime does call for the death penalty. The woman was aged, a senior citizen and evidently handicapped as well. She had an oxygen machine. Killing in such a grotesque manner too an aggravated offense for which no mercy should be shown to the evildoers.

Anonymous said...

"Calling Mrs. Dow a war crime victim and calling the perps war criminals is appropriate"

YES! A dirty war characterized by the rape of white women and the attacks on white elderly. A war one-sided, the black attacking the whitey but not the other way around. Contrary to what Negro-Lies-Matter thinks.

And a war too waged now for decades with no end in sight.