Friday, August 19, 2016

HPD Captures Negro Man Wanted in Beating, Decapitation of Auto-Shop Owner

By A Texas Reader

"Police said Friday they have captured the man wanted in connection with the beating and decapitation of the owner of an auto parts shop Thursday in southeast Houston.."


Is dysgenic breeding leading to an even more feral class of blacks?

N.S.: Yes.


Anonymous said...

They will say the villain was mentally deranged because he was homeless. Again the man [is he an immigrant?] was trying to play the Good Samaritan.

David In TN said...

Have you seen the news about 85-year old Gene Dacus being set on fire and burned to death by a "teen" in Birmingham, Alabama?

Anonymous said...

Add one more item to the list of Derbyshire as what NOT TO DO among negroes. Do not give the old homeless negro man odd jobs around the business to "help him out".

Anonymous said...

Richard Lynn is way ahead of 99% of the world.His proposal that whites form their own country in the US,to save the race,is extreme and inevitable.We need tax incentives to push intelligent whites in America to reproduce.Europe must fight the Muslim invasion.Meanwhile,China and Russia laughs at us and the Europeans.Time is on their side.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Here's a url to the story of Gene Dacus, an 85 yr. old man burned to death in his home, a young black man has been arrested for the crime.

Anonymous said...

"We need tax incentives to push intelligent whites in America to reproduce"

Not enough time left to make a difference.