Monday, August 08, 2016

Has Federal Corruption Reduced the Official Unemployment Rate to a Worthless Fakestat? (Graphic)


Anonymous said...

US and China are now neck and neck for least believed economic stats.Theirs is because of pride-not wanting to admit the Chinese model is having a tough stretch.Too much overbuilding of houses and credit.
Ours is ingrained partisanism,designed to keep the party in office,re-elected.The numbers used to be trusted.Not anymore since Obama took office.
On another topic,I was perusing YouTube,looking up a clip that was mentioned in a comment--namely the Clinton Seizure Video.Worth watching.Then today,Zerohedge had a big story on Clinton's health,with pictures of her being helped up some stairs,various coughing fits and a photo of a black guy-who's always around her-carrying an injection device used to help people with seizures.
A full fledged investigation into her health is mandatory.She's had numerous accidents,fainting spells,and abnormal facial reactions and responses that require some detailed answers.Something is being covered up about Clinton's health and we have the right to know what it is.
---GR Anonymous

jeigheff said...

Years ago, a buddy of mine brought up a good point. Besides the amount of people not working how many people are underemployed?

I intend to check out the Clinton Seizure video in a minute!