Saturday, August 20, 2016

New York Times: Racist, New York City Council and Communist Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr., aka Bill deBlasio: Taxi Drivers are No Longer Required to Know a Word of English; Indeed, They Prefer that Drivers Not Know Any English!

By Reader-Researcher AL

Chittum in Civil War II speaks of a police officer hired somewhere in America that cannot speak English as an indication that Civil War II is at hand. He did not consider cab drivers.

Know English? For New York Cabdrivers, That’s No Longer Required
By Emma G. FitzSimmons
August 19, 2016
New York Times

Hail a yellow taxi in New York City, and there is a good chance the driver is from another country. Passengers are regularly exposed to a range of languages that span the globe, from Spanish to Bengali to Urdu.

It can be charming, but also maddening for riders who feel that drivers do not understand where they want to go. [No one is charmed to find that his taxidriver doesn’t know Englishoperative Emma G. FitzSimmons, to keep form being called a “racist.”] Don’t you have to speak English, some wonder, to drive a taxi here?

As of Friday, the answer is no.

That is when new rules went into effect eliminating the requirement that taxi drivers take an English proficiency exam. Now, the test for a taxi license is available in several languages, to accommodate non-English speakers.…

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